Global Education

Dana Hall promotes both knowledge about the people and cultures of the world and fosters the growth of an empathetic mindset.

Global Education at Dana Hall begins with an acknowledgement of diversity. The objective is to encourage an appreciation for this diversity and an understanding that there are contexts for human behavior and events. Through varied coursework, international experiences and language study, students make connections and examine a wide range of perspectives, including their own. With these skills, students are able to address concerns for people and their environments across the globe with informed, thoughtful and respectful responses.

The Global Scholar's Certificate Program

The Global Scholar's Certificate Program has four components:

  • Activities that expand a student's exposure to other cultures either at Dana Hall or off campus, including concerts, workshops, clubs or excursions
  • Courses which incorporate curriculum that supports the global education mission, including language classes
  • Travel of a sustained nature that immerses the student in another culture
  • Program that directly addresses the global education mission.

The 9th and 10th grade curriculum is incorporated into other required courses. Students in 11th must choose to participate in a Sustainability Program (including an environmental project) and students in 12th grade must enroll in a minor course seminar (with a Senior Project component in the spring) to meet the requirements for the Global Scholar's Certificate.

For more details about the Global Scholar's Certificate, contact Social Studies teacher Alexandra Siemon.

Exchange programs

Dana Hall participates in exchange programs with three international girls’ schools: Ruyton School In Melbourne, Australia, the Tokyo Jogakkan School in Tokyo, Japan and the Sansueña School in Zaragoza, Spain.  

School Year Abroad

SYA is a year-long program recognized by Dana Hall that provides opportunities to juniors to study abroad in China, France, Italy and Spain.  

School for Ethics and Global Leadership

Dana Hall is a member of the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington, D.C., a semester-long program for juniors interested in ethical thinking, leadership development and international affairs.  

School-Sponsored Trips

Dana Hall sponsors trips abroad that are guided by faculty and typically take place during Spring Break. Recent trips have included study in Canada, China, France, Guatemala, Italy, Russia and South Africa.   

Area Studies Symposium

Each year, Upper School Social Studies students participate in a day-long Area Studies Symposium. The interactive map below displays the environmental information students compiled for the 2015 Symposium. Each push pin, if clicked, will reveal a student's environmental findings.