School of Music

For more than 50 years, Dana Hall School of Music has been providing high quality music instruction for the greater Boston area. The School of Music provides a welcoming environment for all ages through individual lessons, ensembles, group classes, workshops and performances.

Lessons & Programs

Individual Lessons

Dana Hall School of Music offers two 16-week semesters (fall and spring), in addition to a flexible summer term. Students may register for lessons at any point during the year.For late starts, tuition will be pro-rated through the end of the semester. Students may choose a weekly lesson day and time for a duration of either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Lessons may be scheduled Monday-Saturday dependent upon teacher availability. All lessons take place at Dana Hall School of Music. We believe that learning in an environment dedicated to music is better for the student and offers benefits beyond that of a home lesson.

Ensembles and Groups: Teens and Adults

Chamber ensembles, piano duos, rock groups, flute choir and jazz combos are flexibly arranged to meet the needs and interest of community music students of all ages.

Free Music Workshops

We host a variety of workshops open to all students. Topics have included Songwriter's Workshop, Introduction to Piano for Beginners, African Drumming, Music Theory and Try Trumpet.

Professional Music Faculty

Our music faculty is made up of nearly 30 professional musicians who are active teachers and performers in and around Boston. The first Sunday of each month, the School of Music hosts a faculty recital that is free and open to the community.

Suzuki Piano, Cello and Violin Lessons

We offer a modified approach to traditional Suzuki teaching. Our lesson-based program involves parental participation but not the rigorous schedule (only one lesson per week). We also offer group classes. 

box violin class

This six-week class is designed to introduce the violin in a fun and nurturing musical environment. Together, children and parents will make an individual box violin (materials provided), learn violin positions, explore rhythms and songs, play musical games, and pave the way for a real violin. For more information, click here.

Programs for Adults


Flex Pass Package
The Flex Pass offers adults scheduling flexibility and the opportunity to try a new instrument (or get reacquainted with an old one) before making a long-term commitment. Each Flex Pass includes eight individual lessons that are scheduled at a date and time that is mutually agreed upon by the teacher and student. Adults may enroll at any time and the Flex Pass is valid six months from the purchase date.    

Flex Pass Tuition:
30 minutes: $400, 45 minutes: $560, 60 minutes: $640

String Jam

This free, monthly event is for anyone who plays violin, viola, cello and/or bass at an advanced beginner level. Open to the community (all ages are welcome!) as well as Dana Hall School of Music students, the Jam is a relaxed reading of pieces covering a variety of styles and led by a Dana Hall String Faculty member. This is the perfect opportunity to play with others in a non-competitive and supportive environment. For more information, please email or call 781-237-6542. Listen to a string jam session!

Performances and Events

Beveridge HallPerformanceS

Performance is an important part of the experience at the School of Music. We believe that sharing music with others is an enriching experience for both the students and the community. Performing helps teachers and students set goals and achieve them. We strive to create performance opportunities that nurture each student so that performing becomes something natural and enjoyable. There are two student recital opportunities per month; one on a Tuesday or Thursday evening (usually the second week of each month), and one on a weekend (usually the third Sunday of each month). Performance is not required but is gently encouraged. Additionally, many faculty members host studio recitals either in the School of Music's intimate recital space or in Beveridge Hall located at 45 Dana Rd. on the Dana Hall campus across from the School of Music.

First Sunday Music Series

Now entering its third year, this free concert series takes place on the first Sunday of each month in Beveridge Hall. Each concert features one or more of our highly regarded faculty members as well as guest artists. School of Music faculty members are active and sought after performers in the Boston area and beyond. Diverse and creative programs highlight the series and provide a valuable cultural resource to the Wellesley community. All concerts are free and open to the public. General seating is available on a first-come basis.

Workshops and Master Classes

The School of Music is proud to sponsor a series of workshops and master classes that are free  for registered School of Music students and families. Workshops  cover a wide area of topics such as audition techniques, instrument care, how to practice effectively, musicianship and more. Master classes offer a unique opportunity to peek inside the learning process. During a public master class, selected students perform for a guest artist and work together on various parts of the piece. This is a dynamic forum that brings the entire audience inside the learning process and uncovers the nuance of working on a piece of music.

String Jam 

The School of Music will host a String Jam the last Saturday of each month. String players of any level (advanced beginners and up) are welcome to come and participate in this informal string group led by music faculty member Anna Griffis.  This is a great chance to get together with other musicians in a relaxed setting and read pieces covering a variety of styles. This event is free and open to anyone who plays a stringed orchestral instrument (Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass). 




Our music faculty is made up of nearly 30 professional musicians who are active teachers and performers around the Boston area.


Jennifer Gaul, Director
Michelle Kiehl, Registrar


Megan Bisceglia
Anna Carr
Rita Corey
Jennifer Gaul
Dr. Fumei Huang
Jayoung Kim
Lilly Kinas
Dr. Christopher Lee
Ian Lindsey
Kanako Nishikawa
Danielle Occhipinti
Rachel Rynick
Mike Weidenfeller
Jan Zimmerman


Dr. Daniel Doña, violin/viola
Jennifer Fan, cello
Susanne Friedrich, cello
Tera Gorsett, violin
Anna Griffis, violin/viola 


Amanda Romano 


Joseph Demko, french horn
Alicia Maloney, trumpet/saxophone/oboe/clarinet
Robert Hoveland, trombone/trumpet
Angela Longo, flute
Danielle Occhipinti, clarinet
Rachael Stachowiak, bassoon
Wendy Vignaux, flute
Laura Wilkins, flute 

Guitar and Bass

Mike DiBari, electric/acoustic
Bob Lasher, classical/acoustic/electric
Mike Weidenfeller, electric/acoustic 


Dr. Christopher Lee 

Rock, Jazz, Pop

Mike DiBari, guitar
Dr. Christopher Lee, percussion/piano
Rachel Rynick, voice/piano
Mike Weidenfeller, guitar/piano


Jennifer Ashe
Megan Bisceglia
Anna Carr
Dr. Fumei Huang
Lilly Kinas
Rebecca Lightcap
Rachel Rynick
Jan Zimmerman 

Early Childhood

Jennifer Ashe, voice/ukulele/general
Dr. Fumei Huang, Suzuki piano
Rebecca Lightcap, voice/piano/general
Jennifer Fan, Suzuki cello 

Song-writing/Music Theory/Composition

Dr. Christopher Lee 

World Music

Zhantao Lin, Erhu
Jun Qin, Guzheng

School of Music FAQ


How long is a term?


Each term (Fall and Spring) is 16 weeks including breaks and holidays. Students are assigned a weekly day and time for lessons. Please refer to the Lesson Calendar for specific lesson dates, holidays and designated make-up days. The School of Music makes an effort to accommodate both private and public school vacation schedules, however, it is important that you refer to the Lesson Calendar as there may be differences. Summer lessons are also available and are flexibly scheduled June through August.


How much is tuition?


$720 for 30-minute lessons
$995 for 45-minute lessons
$1,200 for 60-minute lessons

We offer a 10% discount to family members after the first full registration. All fully registered students receive 15% discount to all classes, ensembles and workshops. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $35 per student or $50 for family.


Do you pro-rate registration?


Yes, we accept new registrations at any point in the term and will pro-rate tuition through the end of the 16-week term.


Do I have to commit to an entire term?


Yes, students must register for an entire term. Instructor studio spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once enrolled, families will have an exclusive period in January and June to pre-register for the following term. The means that returning students have first choice to retain or change a lesson day and time (dependent on instructor availability).


Where do lessons take place?


All lessons take place at the Dana Hall School of Music at 103 Grove St. in Wellesley. We do not offer in-home lessons as we believe they ultimately do not benefit the student. Music lessons take focus, a dedicated space and a community of support from family to teach to other like-minded music students. Providing a warm, nurturing environment dedicated to making music is one of the many benefits of belonging to the Dana Hall School of Music.


What is the make-up policy?


Instructors are required to make up their own absences only. There is a make-up week at the end of each term to help with scheduling. In addition, mid-term make-up lessons may also be scheduled. Instructors are not obligated to make up student absences, however, with at least 48 hours notice, most instructors will make a good faith effort to accommodate a missed lesson.


What is your lesson satisfaction/refund policy?


We think very highly of our instructors. Still, we know that sometimes a change may be necessary. We are always willing to match students with a different teacher if needed and will work closely with families to build a strong student-teacher relationship. Additionally, students may withdraw from lessons within three weeks of enrollment and receive a full refund for the unredeemed lessons. If a student chooses to change teachers, an additional three weeks will be granted under the same terms with the new teacher. No refunds are issued for students withdrawing later than three weeks after the start of lessons.


How are lessons affected by inclement weather?


Closures for inclement weather will be in accordance with public and private school closures. A message will be left on the School of Music's main line at (781) 237-6542 when a closure is necessary. Additionally, students will be sent an email. Instructors will use the make-up week if one or more lessons are missed for a weather closure.


Are there recitals?


We host two students recitals per month. Recitals take place in Beveridge Hall located at 45 Dana Rd. on the Dana Hall campus across the street from the School of Music. Participation is optional but we encourage all students to take part. Recitals showcase students of different ages, skill levels, musical genres and instruments/voice. It's a chance to share progress, gain performance experience in a nurturing environment and hopefully come away inspired and encouraged. Additionally, many instructors will host a studio recital during the year specifically for their students. Studio recitals take place in School of Music.


Is there a chance to provide feedback?


Although we do not provide formal, written evaluations, instructors welcome and encourage an ongoing dialogue with parents to discuss student progress. It is important for parents to occasionally touch base with an instructor to ask questions, share lesson feedback and talk about progress. Additionally, the music office welcomes your phone calls and emails at any time throughout the term when you have comments, suggestions, praise or concerns.


Where is the School of Music located?


Dana Hall School of Music
103 Grove Street
Wellesley, MA 02482
(781) 237-6542


Jennifer Gaul
Director, School of Music
(781) 237-6542 

Michelle Kiehl

Office Manager/Registrar, School of Music