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Dance student on stage in a power pose
Audaciously Herself

Dana Hall students have the audacity to be themselves—unequivocally and without reserve.

Intellect without Apology

Dana Hall School provides the vigorous education that every girl deserves—one that’s academically ambitious, rich with opportunity, and fiercely empowering.

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Space to Soar

With nearly 500 young women from down the street and around the world, Dana Hall offers the best opportunity for learning and growth.

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Student heads a soccer ball
Game On

We offer a wide range of interscholastic sports, including a top equestrian program. All students have access to a full suite of state-of-the-art facilities—including a 25-meter six-lane pool, 34-foot climbing wall, dance studios, ice hockey rink, turf and grass fields, and a well-stocked fitness center.

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Students toast marshmallows around a fir pit
Go All In

Whether you’re competing on our top-ranked Model UN Team, tutoring children at a nearby elementary school, or setting a school record in the breaststroke, the activities you’ll engage in at Dana Hall are as broad as our students’ sense of what’s possible.

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Students performs in A Midsummer Night's Dream
In the Spotlight

From designing earthquake-proof buildings to competing in poetry slams, Dana Hall students have endless opportunities to express themselves and explore their creativity inside and beyond the classroom.

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At Dana Hall

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Student clubs and organizations 

Jacquelyn Bloomberg

World Languages Department Head

We define success in many ways, including when our students feel safe enough to speak up even when they are afraid they will make mistakes and when they want to spontaneously engage in conversation (in the target language) with each other and the teacher."

Mary Cameron

Social Studies Department Head

Collaboration and cooperation are hallmarks of Dana Hall culture, both in the classroom and in our broader community life. It's within a context of shared discovery, of learning with and from one another, that individual student growth and leadership are nurtured."

Linda Derezinski

English Department Head
A successful student masters something new and stretches her mind. A student might obtain content and learn some facts, rules, or structures—this is mastering something new. Stretching her mind means she must also gain an understanding of complexity."

Devon Fitchett

Performing Arts Department Head/Director of Dance

Meeting and exceeding goals — big or small, individual or collaborative — looks different for everyone, and success is reaching those goals in the studio or in classes and on stage."

Michael Frassinelli

Visual Arts Department Head

In the arts, vigor equals passion, both in teaching the traditional and contemporary approaches to art-making, and in the kind of self-expression, dedication to craft, and focus on creativity that we try to inspire in our students."

Tara Jennings

Science Department Head
Students are given the chance to truly use their science skills as they progress through our courses. Our classes build on our students' natural curiosity as we help them take in new information, make connections, validate claims, ask questions, and draw conclusions."

Nicholas Lloyd

Math Department Head

We encourage students to make their own conjectures, and then test them and revise them. We love when our students look past the formulas and algorithms to ask: “why does this work?”

Cloricia Townsend

Engineering and Computer Science Department Head

When my students recognize that their voices and opinions are important in determining how we shape the world around us and come up with multiple solutions to problems that seem impossible, they have succeeded in learning what it is to be a future engineer and leader."

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Voices and viewpoints from educators across Dana Hall School's campus.


Dana Hall enrolls intelligent, enthusiastic students who are fascinated by the world around them. Here, you’ll share your opinions confidently, explore your interests and talents, and affirm and express exactly who you are.