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About Dana Hall

Why Choose Dana Hall, an All-Girls School Near Boston?

Because our learning environment is as unique as you are. 

Dana Hall is about being unapologetically confident. Ambitious and kind. Forever curious. And audaciously yourself. 

At Dana Hall, an independent boarding and day school for girls in grades 5-12 in Wellesley, Massachusetts, we offer a dynamic and challenging academic program in an environment with a deep commitment to social and emotional learning. It’s a place where students discover and celebrate exactly who they are, and use that understanding to forge meaningful, successful lives. Here, top all-girls school in Massachusetts, you’ll lead the discussions, wield the hammers, present geometric proofs, and immerse yourself in the quest to question and grow—in the library, lab, and classroom, and on the stage and playing field.

Katherine Bradley became Dana Hall's 11th Head of School in 2016.

Wherever your Dana Hall experience takes you, you’ll never go it alone. Your classmates will challenge you and cheer you on. Our extraordinary teachers and coaches will care for you—but never coddle you. As your knowledge expands, so will your mind and spirit. Along the way, you’ll develop a joy for intellectual pursuit beyond what you ever expected. 

Time has proven the value of a Dana Hall education. Since 1881, our students’ and graduates’ great success has illustrated the strength of our educational approach. Our graduates go on to excellent colleges and embark on distinguished careers around the world. Dana Hall is where they learn to appreciate their full measure—and begin to realize their boundless potential. 

We can’t wait to watch you do the same. Welcome to Dana Hall.

Empowered for Excellence

At Dana Hall, we believe an education should be robust, challenging, and joyful all at once. Students in our Middle School and Upper School benefit from excellent teachers, a curriculum that emphasizes relevant, broadly applicable skills, and an educational environment where learning, laughter, empathy, and focus coexist happily together. 

Instilled with a boundless love of learning and wide-ranging curiosity, our students dive fully into their coursework, collaborate side-by-side with classmates, and thrive in their studies. 

Seen, heard, and respected 

Dana Hall’s commitment to building an equitable, diverse, and inclusive community is core to our educational philosophy. Students encounter the world at Dana Hall, with all its complexity and contradictions—and develop tools to help them understand, navigate, and improve it. At Dana Hall, we promote honest communication around difficult issues and events:

  • Academics – We strive to advance a curriculum that elevates historically marginalized voices.
  • College Counseling – Our team regularly hosts community events on relevant topics—for example, a discussion with parents and students on historically Black colleges and universities.
  • Student Life – In weekly Forum classes, students respectfully and openly discuss topics that impact our community—from social justice to personal decision-making.