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Dana Hall School has a rich history of inspiring and innovative women leaders who have guided the School for more than 135 years. Since its founding in 1881, Dana Hall has had 11 Heads of School. Their collective dedication to Dana Hall's mission, along with their committment to excellence, remains an extraordinary legacy.

Katherine L. Bradley became Dana Hall's 11th Head of School in 2016. 
I find the notion of “academic rigor” not only antiquated, but antithetical to what we are trying to accomplish in schools. I much prefer the Latin word that means liveliness or activity or force: vigor. And academic vigor is what I see Dana Hall teachers engaging in. They are not only enthusiastic about their specific areas of study, but they are also specialists in teaching girls, these girls, and inspiring them to find their own strengths and to discover their own voices. 

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  • Caroline

    "Middle Eastern Studies has been my favorite Dana Hall class because both the teacher and the discussions always kept me engaged and excited to learn more."