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Why Dana Hall?

We're all girls, all the time.

Dana Hall students have the freedom to experiment, express opinions, explore and take on new challenges. They are supported by strong role models and inspired by their peers. They find confidence and strength, and they acquire and build the skills they need to succeed throughout their lives. 

We’ve seen the research: there’s an increasingly persuasive case that co-ed schools are not educating girls as well as boys.

And we know there are basic, biological differences in male and female brains. That doesn’t mean that girls and boys have differences in their potential to achieve. But there are differences in how the sexes access that potential. Curriculum is important; how that curriculum is taught is critical. And teaching girls is what Dana Hall does best.

For our Upper School students, who have the opportunity to live on our beautiful Wellesley campus, that specialized care and understanding extends well beyond the traditional high school experience.

We're a boarding school, which means we're open 24/7.

At Dana Hall, a dorm is not just a place to sleep -- it's a home away from home, a personal space in a larger community, and the springboard for life skills and confidence that Dana students gain as they develop independence. And it's all on one campus, which means less time getting to and from school and activities, and more time to focus on school work and be with friends.

Most young people have to wait until college to see the world, but not Dana girls. Guided and supported by dormitory faculty, students learn to value respect for others, integrity, multicultural sensitivity, and personal responsibility.

Faculty are dedicated and passionate, and they stick around because they love the community. They are more accessible, so students have more opportunity to find impactful mentors and build meaningful relationships (which we know is powerful for girls' self-esteem and development). Our students realize their teachers have lives, and our teachers know their students as individuals since they see them in the "off hours."
At a girls' boarding school like Dana Hall, every day presents opportunities for girls to learn, lead and succeed.
At Dana Hall, the leaders, captains, singers and scientists are all girls. Our students hear one message, loud and clear: nothing stands in the way of their dreams.
Girls’ schools are so much more than just separating the girls from the boys. Dana Hall presents a community and culture where expectations are high, opportunities are everywhere and accomplishments are celebrated.

Boarding Schools Make a Difference

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  • Caroline

    "Middle Eastern Studies has been my favorite Dana Hall class because both the teacher and the discussions always kept me engaged and excited to learn more."