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Job Opportunities

At Dana Hall, faculty and staff know our students, and we appreciate them and their diversity of experiences.

Nothing about Dana Hall— the classrooms, the athletic fields, the dorms— is impersonal or detached from life. Our community’s size allows us to truly interact with each other, in large and small ways. We value our students’ intellect as much as their social/emotional well-being, and we enjoy working together as a community to provide young women with countless opportunities to explore the world, test themselves, and make crucial discoveries about who they are, what inspires them, and where they will go next.

When I first arrived at Dana Hall, I was so impressed by the culture I found here. After each class, as the students left, they looked back, and said, “Thank you, Ms. Kent.” Wow! I had never had that happen as a teacher."Bethany KentMath Teacher





School of Music

Dana Hall employees have access to many opportunities for professional growth and development, both on campus and with local and national organizations.

Dana Hall School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks to reflect in its faculty and staff the diversity present within the student body.