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Getting Here

We like to think that all roads lead to Dana Hall, but in the practical world, we know that the specifics of how a student accesses her school’s campus are important factors when considering educational opportunities.


Day Students

One of the great advantages of attending a boarding/day school as a day student is the fluidity of the start and end of each day. Dana Hall provides breakfast, lunch and dinner in our beautiful Dining Hall. Many day students arrive early for breakfast and/or stay beyond their academic and extracurricular commitments and enjoy the convenience of dinner. Families have the luxury of dropping off and picking up at times that work within the family schedule and have peace of mind knowing the campus resources are available to their daughters. Other transportation options include:

Boarding Students

Set in Wellesley, a suburban college town just 12 miles west of Boston, Dana Hall’s location offers the best of both worlds. Students who must travel by plane appreciate the proximity of Logan International Airport to Dana Hall’s campus. Being so close to the airport saves time, makes traveling less complicated, and allows families to visit more often. Students are happy knowing that when they land in Boston, they are a short car ride or train ride away to their home away from home. Boarding students can access Dana Hall in a variety of ways:

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