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A demanding, dynamic, and experiential learning experience

Students in our Upper and Middle schools receive an education characterized by high expectations, demanding coursework, and a full immersion into the joy of learning. Alongside collaborative classmates and dynamic teachers who inspire and motivate, students dive into a curriculum that challenges them to articulate complex ideas, find bold solutions, and build strong leadership skills.

Our approach pushes students to always take their understanding one step further and put their knowledge into action. Instead of only memorizing formulas and algorithms, math students provide written explanations to illustrate an algebraic expression. They use the case study method to better understand questions related to identity and injustice. We encourage creativity and supplement our coursework through the thoughtful integration of educational technology, such as our 1:1 iPad program—which helps spark inventive projects across a variety of platforms, such as podcasts and animations—and place a strong emphasis on learning through a global lens. This carefully designed academic environment inspires students to perform at the highest level, so that they graduate prepared to excel in college and in the world.

A teacher talks one-on-one with a student in a classroom at an all-girls private school.

Passionate and dedicated faculty

Our faculty members are deeply passionate about education—they meet students where they are, respect their individual learning styles, and foster a love of learning that graduates cherish throughout their lives.

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A teacher gives one-on-one guidance to a student at private high school in near Boston.

Guidance and support

Our talented advisors are attuned to all aspects of the school experience, and they help our students thrive inside the classroom and beyond.

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A student raises her hand in a 5th grade class in a private Middle School in MetroWest Boston.

Explore our curriculum

Our robust curriculum emphasizes the development of broadly applicable skills and emphasizes that there is no single definition of success. From research and reasoning to collaboration, communication, leadership, and technical literacy, students hone expertise that serves them well—five, ten, and 50 years into the future.

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Students wear college sweatshirts at a private high school near Boston, MA.

Our outcomes are undeniable

The success of our students and graduates provides compelling proof that our academic approach works. After performing at a consistently high level, our students are accepted at the world’s most selective colleges (where they continue to excel), and pursue academic and career paths that reflect their true passions, goals, and potential.

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A student group travels to Sevilla, Spain as part of an international travel program.

Entrepreneurship, global scholarship, international exchange, and more

Dana Hall students have access to a wealth of exciting opportunities to enrich their learning, challenge their assumptions, cultivate critical leadership abilities, and discover the world through a global lens.

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The Helen Temple Cooke Library is a busy location on Dana Hall campus in Wellesley, MA.

More than books and card catalogs

The Helen Temple Cooke Library is a complete information resource center that supports Dana Hall's diverse academic curriculum.

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