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World Languages

As Dana Hall strives to make its students true global citizens, an emphasis is placed on the value of knowing more than only one language. Therefore, the World Languages Department members introduce all fifth-grade students to the study of Latin and ancient Greek where they learn essential language-acquisition skills and the roots of English.

The sixth-grade year exposes students to the breadth of human language, including mini-units in French, Latin, and Spanish. In seventh grade, when new incoming students join the students rising from Dana Hall's sixth grade, each student chooses French, Latin, or Spanish as the language she will formally learn. Students can then continue the study of those languages in the Upper School or choose to begin the study of Mandarin Chinese. 

The School's state-of-the-art Language Lab is an integral part of all language courses. It develops the students’ communicative skills through frequent conversational activities in real-life situations. It also aids students in making global connections and expanding their cultural understanding of the world.