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Dana Hall School has partnered with GovConnection to extend special pricing on technology products to students and faculty. Families also can choose to purchase iPads from other vendors.

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List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Does Dana Hall give iPads to students or are parents responsible for buying them?

    For students in grade 5, Dana Hall will assign each student a school-owned iPad to be used in the classroom; family-owned iPads are not needed. For students in grades 6-12, families are responsible for purchasing iPads for their daughters, and the School will provide support to secure iPads for students who receive financial aid. The iPad is designed to be an individual device, and purchase by the end user ensures the greatest amount of flexibility and control over content. It also allows for the purchase of AppleCare+, which we highly recommend.
  • Can we purchase the iPads through Dana Hall at a discount?

    There is not a significant savings to be gained by having Dana Hall purchase the iPads for our students in grades 6-12. However, we will be able to offer the recommended Apple iPad model and all other products and accessories at a small discount for our families via the portal

    Additionally, Apple offers discounts to students at the Apple Education Store.
    Does Dana Hall provide apps or are families responsible for purchasing them? What are the Core Apps?

    The Educational Technology Team (educational technologists, department facilitators and librarians) will annually select the apps that are required for all students. The paid apps will be purchased by Dana Hall. Students will receive instructions on how to download these apps via email. In addition, each teacher may require up to $10.00 in additional apps over the course of the school year.

    2021-22 CORE APPS 

  • When should we buy the iPad?

    It is often unclear when Apple will announce a new model, a move which invariably causes previous models to come down in price. Delaying your purchase until late spring or summer will also extend the warranty period to cover two full school years if you choose the extended coverage option. 
  • What version of the iPad is required?

    For the 2021-22 school year, any iPad model that is able to run the latest iOS version (currently 14.6) is compatible with the School's iPad program.
    Dana Hall strongly recommends a newer generation iPad (Identifiers: iPad 8th Gen (Wi-Fi) - MYLA2LL/A* - A2270 - 3574* - iPad11,6) or any other model that is capable of running the latest iOS version 14.6. 
  • Should we purchase AppleCare+?

    We highly recommend the purchase of AppleCare+ for your iPad. It extends your hardware repair coverage and technical support from one to two years from your original purchase date and adds coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage (with a service fee). For example, if a student drops her iPad in a puddle on the way to school, it can be fixed or replaced for a fraction of the original cost. AppleCare+ does not cover lost or stolen iPads, and we suggest the iPad be added to your home or rental insurance policy for added protection.
  • Can my daughter share an Apple ID with me or with someone else in the family?

    No. Students who have shared Apple IDs in the past with other siblings or parents have found the process to be problematic. For example, students sometimes find their parents contacts, text messages, photos and apps populating on their iPad. They often run out of storage space on iCloud and cannot properly back up their iPad. Paid required apps and iBooks redeemed at the start of the year are connected to that shared ID. When families decide later in the year to change their daughter’s Apple ID, that content is sometimes lost and needs to be repurchased at the family's expense.

    Apple’s new Family Sharing was created to help facilitate management and sharing of content within family structures. For more information on setting up Family Sharing, see the Apple guide at:
  • Do I need to set up an Apple ID for my daughter or will she have a school issued ID?

    Students in grades 6-12 need to have a personal Apple ID. If she already uses another Apple device (iPod, iPhone, laptop and/or desktop) she may already have this. If not, you will need to set up a new Apple ID using either a credit card or an iTunes gift card. New Apple IDs can also be easily set up through the new Apple Family Sharing for families that already own other iOS devices. 

    Dana Hall will issue students a Managed Apple ID to assist the downloading of the core apps. Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance creating an Apple ID for your daughter.
  • My daughter is under the age of 13 and is not allowed to have her own Apple ID. What should I do?

    Apple provides support resources on this topic.

    Apple IDs can easily be created for children under the age of 13 using Family Sharing, although this assumes the parent or guardian also has an Apple ID and uses an iOS device regularly. If the Apple Family Sharing plan is not for you, we suggest you set up an Apple ID for your daughter in your name for use by your daughter. This may require you to set up a new email account expressly for this purpose. It is not necessary for the Apple ID on your daughter’s iPad to be “hers” as long as it is not shared with other iOS devices not for use by her. We recommend parents have full access to the Apple ID used on their daughter’s iPad in order to help her manage it; however, students need to know their Apple ID and password. Often teachers will ask the class to update an app or download a new app in class and students without the ability to do this will be at a disadvantage and may miss being an active member of class that day. Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance creating an Apple ID for your daughter.
  • Does my daughter’s iPad need to be backed up?

    Yes. We require your daughter’s iPad to be backed up at all times. Apple provides 5GB of free storage space for backup using iCloud. We have found iCloud to be the most convenient and reliable way to consistently back up student iPads. The free 5GB of storage may be sufficient; however, you may be required to purchase more iCloud storage, particularly if the Apple ID is used on more than one device, such as the student’s iPhone. 

    Apple provides support resources on this topic.
  • Which textbooks will be available on the iPad?

    The late summer mailing that contains class enrollment information will, as in the past, also contain information on accessing the school's online bookstore at For many classes, students will have the option of ordering either an electronic or paper textbook. For a few classes, students will be required to order an electronic text only. 
  • Does the iPad replace the need for a laptop or desktop computer?

    The iPad is not a replacement for a computer. Using iPads allows you to think about different ways to present concepts for various courses and organize your materials better, but we still use laptop computers sometimes especially for software programming.

    Dana Hall has laptops available for students to use at school. Some students may choose to use computers at home in addition to their iPads. The iPad is required because you will use it to do a lot of creative projects with apps like iMovie and BookCreator. Dana Hall uses Canvas as its learning management system, which is iPad and Google friendly. Our teachers post their resources and assignments in Canvas, and some work is submitted through Canvas. It’s so great to be able to communicate with our teaches through Canvas and to have a consistent place to turn to for current information about our classes.


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