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Senior Project Program

The Senior Projects program offers 12th graders the opportunity to pursue an off-campus project of their choosing during the last two and a half weeks of the school year.
The Senior Projects Program is intended as a period of transition between Dana Hall and college. It provides students with a valuable and important opportunity for skill building and self-realization outside the classroom. Taking place during the last two weeks of the school year, the Senior Projects Program allows students to pursue a full-time internship in a field of interest to them. With the support of an off-campus mentor, students design their project, plan their time at the work site, and complete several required school assignments (e.g., read a book related to their work and write daily entries in an online journal).They also prepare a display and oral presentation for the culminating event, Senior Project Presentations, that takes place on the last day of the program.

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  • Dance

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  • Poetry project

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  • Spanish III Honors

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  • Francesca

    "In my Literature Composition I class we did a poetry unit before winter break. Our poetry project was in collaboration with a school in Turkey. We created our own websites to display our works of poetry. The last day of school before winter break we were able to Skype with the kids from the school in Turkey, and it was so much fun to interact with students who were so far away. We were able to learn what their school was like, and how their classes worked."