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Admission at Dana Hall

Audaciously Herself

At Dana Hall, we encourage you to explore just about everything, and be just one thing: yourself.
​​As a Dana Hall student, you’ll learn ratios, Reconstruction, and Rousseau. You’ll learn to stand up for what you believe in and to disagree with grace. You’ll wrestle with topics that leave you temporarily stumped—and find out how to forge ahead to that next breakthrough. You’ll flourish in an environment where you discover, become, and express exactly who you are.

You’ll learn what we’ve known for well over a century: when girls have the freedom and confidence to take the reins, they never let go.

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Experience Dana Hall

Visiting Dana Hall in person is the best way to immerse yourself in our community and visualize being part of it. We also have a handy 360° virtual tour if you can’t make the trip. Whether you visit in person or online, we’re always ready to speak with you and answer any questions you may have by connecting with our admissions team at or 781-489-1331.

Visit & Experience Dana Hall

A group of four students hold up their diplomas at Commencement

Chart A Bold Course

As the only girls’ boarding school in the Boston area, we pride ourselves on a distinctive and dynamic curriculum that prepares students for success wherever life takes them—and wherever they take their lives. And if the measure of a school is the lives led by its alumnae, Dana Hall should be at the top of every girl’s list: our graduates are artists and adventurers, leaders and teachers, executives and scientists. 

In university classrooms, the workplace, and the community, the Dana Hall graduate is easy to spot. She expresses her ideas with eloquence and poise. She’s respectful of others and knows her own mind. She never stops at “good enough.” While our graduates go on to excellent colleges, what they take with them is just as important: A keen awareness of their abilities, a sense of fearlessness in the face of the unknown, a willingness to grow, and the determination to forge a path all their own.


Middle School: Learning With Exuberance

Upper School: Intellect Without Apology

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