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Ask a Dragon

Our school doesn’t fit into a neat box. Neither do our students.

We often hear that students feel pressure to define themselves at an early age—as a cellist, theatre kid, student leader, or star of the swim team—sometimes at the expense of other endeavors. Dana Hall students have a completely different experience. Our students flourish as balanced and happy individuals. They are academic achievers and talented athletes, poets and political advocates, computer programmers and gifted performers. They are inspired to go where their curiosity leads them, championed when they explore uncharted waters, and celebrated when they do what makes them uncomfortable (rather than always focusing on where they already excel).

The girl with an abiding love for marine biology belongs at Dana Hall. So does the girl equally passionate about volleyball and violin and musical theater and math. Dana Hall isn’t a school for students who want to be just one thing; it’s for students who want to explore with vigor everything that inspires, intrigues, and delights them.

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Ask questions, make connections, and learn what makes our community unique. Using our PeerPal tool, you can send a "Message" to our parents and student ambassadors to start a conversation. They are eager to meet you!