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Dana Hall believes that money should never stand between a student and a great future.
The following information is provided to assist families with the financial planning of their daughter's education at Dana Hall.  It is important that families understand the School's financial aid policies and procedures, along with the various payment options, financial plans and scholarships offered by the school.

How to Apply

Financial Aid Faqs

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  • When is the financial aid application deadline?

    If you are a new family applying to Dana Hall, you must submit PFS forms and required tax documents to SSS by January 15, 2022. 

    If you are a current family reapplying for financial aid, you must submit PFS forms for Fall 2022 to SSS by December 1, 2021.
  • How are financial aid applications handled for parents who are divorced or separated, or parents who have never been married?

    All parents retain the obligation to contribute what they can afford to the education of their children, regardless of marital status. In most cases, the Financial Aid Committee will make an award only after considering the financial resources of all parents. The Financial Aid Committee will consider the net assets and earnings of both parents before making any award and may not be bound by the assertion that one parent disclaims responsibility for educational expenses. The custodial parent and non custodial parent are both required to complete the PFS. If the custodial parent has remarried, we will consider all assets of the step-parent, always bearing in mind the obligation of the step-parent to his or her own children.
  • How are financial aid applications handled for non-working parents?

    In instances where one parent chooses not to work and has children who are in school full time, the Financial Aid Committee will recalculate financial need using an imputed, minimum income for the non-working parent. Note that this policy does not require the parent to work; it only attempts to adjust the level of need by accounting for the minimum income that the parent could earn if he or she chose to work. If a parent can document that they are disabled or otherwise unable to work (caring for an aged parent, for example), this policy would not apply.
  • Due to income, our family does not file taxes. What do we submit in SSS?

    All families must complete a PFS and submit all W-2s or 1099s. If your family does not file taxes with the IRS, please contact the IRS for a signed letter stating that you do not file taxes for the tax years listed. Once received, please upload the official letter from the IRS to your SSS account. 
  • What if we do not have W-2s?

    If you are self-employed, please submit an N/A request in SSS and comment "self-employed". If you receive 1099s instead, please upload those in place of a W-2.
  • Is financial aid available to International students?

    No. The financial need assessment used by Dana Hall School is based on the United States income taxation and cost of living systems. Dana Hall School is only able to consider applicants for Financial Aid if they are US Citizens or permanent residents holding green cards.
  • If we didn’t receive financial aid this year, can we apply for it next year?

    The Financial Aid Committee will consider applications from returning Dana Hall families who have not received financial aid in the past. However, it is our expectation that families who begin at Dana Hall School paying the full tuition will continue to do so. Should extraordinary circumstances arise, families are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office directly.
  • How is financial aid determined?

    After SSS processes the PFS, the RFC is made available to Dana Hall. Once the Financial Aid Office receives all financial materials, the Committee will review each family’s request. Consideration for aid is made only after a student has been offered a place at Dana Hall. All financial aid is awarded on the basis of need as determined by SSS and the Financial Aid Committee.
  • Is the financial aid award in the form of a loan or a grant?

    All financial aid awards are grants and do not require repayment.
  • Are trust funds and/or college funds considered as assets?

    Trust funds and/or accounts earmarked “For College” are considered student assets and are treated accordingly.
  • Will my daughter receive financial aid in subsequent years?

    Families must reapply for financial aid each year. Financial aid is awarded based on a family’s particular circumstances each year. If a family’s need increases, we will make every effort to meet demonstrated need. However, we cannot guarantee that an award will be increased. Additionally, families must be in good financial standing with the School and students must be in good academic standing in order to be considered for financial aid. 
  • Do I need to submit a PFS if I submitted one last year?

    Yes. All families applying for aid must submit a new PFS each year. If you have not filed taxes for the previous year yet, you can estimate your earnings in the PFS.

Financial Aid

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  • Policies

    In an effort to be as consistent as possible in assessing a family’s need for financial assistance, the following policies govern financial aid at Dana Hall.

    1. Financial aid awards are based solely upon the family’s demonstrated need as determined by the Financial Aid Committee; parents/guardians are expected to support their student(s) to the extent they are able as determined by SSS and Dana Hall School.
    2. Two-parent families are expected to both be employed, if home and health situation permit.
    3. Both parents must upload their federal tax returns (IRS Form 1040), W-2s, and all supporting schedules to SSS.
    4. If a parent is a partner in a partnership or a shareholder in an S-Corp, all relevant K1s must be uploaded in the SSS portal. If parent's share in either is 25% or greater, corresponding 1120s and/or 1065s must also be uploaded.
    5. Families who have been awarded financial aid must reapply each year. Awards may be adjusted if family financial circumstances change significantly.
    6. A sibling of a student currently receiving financial aid is not guaranteed assistance. Each student's application is considered separately.
    7. Dana Hall’s financial aid offers do not cover such items as private music instruction, riding lessons, exchange trips, books, or other miscellaneous expenses. There is a small amount of discretionary funding available to students on aid for unusual circumstances, upon approval of the Director of the Upper School or Director of the Middle School and the Financial Aid Committee.
  • Contact and General Information

    School and Student Service for Financial Aid 
    SSS by NAIS P.O. Box 449 Randolph, MA 02368 
    (800) 344-8328 
    Parents' Financial Statement: This form must be completed by custodial and noncustodial parents.
    Report of Financial Contribution: This report is processed and made available to Dana Hall by SSS, after reviewing your completed PFS form.
    Dana Hall School Code
    Financial Aid Office
    Dana Hall Admission & Financial Aid Office 
    45 Dana Road Wellesley, MA 02482-9010 


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  • The Congdon Prize

    The Congdon Prize rewards an accomplished new 9th grade domestic boarding student who has achieved excellence in academics, and has demonstrated, through her classroom work and extracurricular activities, strong character and good citizenship. The recipient of the Congdon Prize is awarded $10,000 in tuition assistance for each year that the student is enrolled at Dana Hall as long as she remains in excellent academic standing.

    All new 9th grade domestic boarding students applying for admission to Dana Hall are automatically considered for the Congdon Prize. Recipients will be notified with their admission decision letter.
  • John Means Spencer Memorial Scholarship

    Dana Hall School’s John Means Spencer Memorial Scholarship was recently established by an alumna in memory of former Social Studies Department faculty member John M. Spencer. This generous scholarship includes tuition, iPad, and books. Students selected to receive these awards must demonstrate financial need each year, agree to take one social studies class annually, and remain in good academic standing.
    Each year, this scholarship will be awarded to a new day student applying for the ninth grade. The student’s family must demonstrate financial need by applying for financial aid via SSS by the stated financial aid application deadlines.
    In order to be considered for this scholarship, the student should submit an additional essay to by February 1, 2022. This essay should highlight how the student will contribute to the Dana Hall community. Please indicate the “John Means Spencer Scholarship” in the subject line of the email.

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  • Vietta

    "Dana offers many great opportunities including a trip to South Africa every other year. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be visiting South Africa, let alone with some of my closest friends. The trip enabled us to interact with real South Africans as they experienced their real lives, an opportunity I could never have had as a tourist."