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Blue Key Student Tour Guide

Blue Key, the student club that provides campus tours for prospective students and their families, offers a look into life at Dana Hall through the eyes of a current student. It allows students to share their experiences and love for Dana with families outside of our community who may be interested in attending Dana Hall. The Blue Key Heads want you to know a little more about their life at Dana Hall.

Alli '20

Hometown:  Wellesley, Mass.
Sports/activities: Cross Country, Blue Key Tour Guide, Swimming, Independent Athlete (Track and Field)
Courses: Algebra 2 with Applications, Molecular Biology, French 2 honors, AP US History, Literature and Composition 3, Ceramics
Favorite class: My favorite class during my time at Dana has been East Asian Studies! I had never learned about that region in the world and it was refreshing as well as extremely interesting.  The teacher was very passionate about the class and the topics we discussed, so it made the experience even better!
Favorite Dana Hall School tradition: My favorite Dana Hall School tradition so far has been Senior Sophomore! It was really fun being part of a tradition that I had been looking forward to since I first learned about it in 8th grade!
Special person at Dana: Dr. Keely, my freshman English teacher! Although I haven’t had classes with her since my freshman year, Dr. Keely continues to be a source of inspiration for me personally as well as academically.
Best Dana moment: My favorite Dana moment was during homecoming freshman year.  My fellow teammate and I were at the front of the pack in our cross-country race against our rival, NCDS, and as we approached the final stretch we held hands and crossed the finish line together! It was an experience that I will never forget!
Best part about an all-girls environment: The best part about an all-girls environment is the confidence you gain.  I came to Dana with the mentality that I should refrain from speaking up in class and advocating for myself.  However, I learned that speaking up in class and asking questions enhanced my learning experiences and made me feel powerful!  I have gained so much confidence at Dana that I feel like I could lead a class!
Why did you choose Dana: I chose Dana because the community was welcoming and a place where I felt like I could confidently be myself.  The moment I stepped on campus for my tour I felt like I was home. I could see myself becoming a strong woman who my younger self would be proud of.  Dana is, and continues to be, a place where I am comfortable to express my opinion and reach my goals!

Jocelyn '20

Hometown:  Concord, Mass.
Sports/activities: Field Hockey, Blue Key Tour Guide, Star Club (Advancement Office), Focus (Yearbook), Tech Theatre
Courses: AP U.S History, AP Language and Composition, Latin IV/V Honors, Molecular Biology, and Precalculus with Applications
Favorite class: My favorite class in the Upper School is Middle Eastern Studies. Ms. Siemon has been teaching the class forever, and she knows it all. I was able to learn the history of an area of the world that is constantly discussed in everyday life, and I now feel able to participate in those conversations. My favorite Middle School class was seventh-grade science. It was a great introduction to biology and it got me excited about science in the Upper School.
Favorite Dana Hall School tradition: Senior Sophomore! It is such a fun tradition to take part in and to watch. It really bonds the sophomore and senior classes.
Special person at Dana: I can't pick one!!!! I have been at Dana for six years and I have made connections with so many teachers and coaches. They all support me and help make my Dana experience a positive one. Whether that be my Middle School advisors or my social studies teacher, I have never felt alone at Dana.
Best Dana moment: Harbor Cruise in sixth grade. That day was special because it was my first time on the boat and it was my sister's last. I was able to see her dressed in her class colors dancing with her friends on one of their first days of senior year. It gave me something to look forward to and people to look up to.
Best part about an all-girls environment: Seeing girls run down the hallway shouting every day. This may sound unsafe, but we are a loud and enthusiastic bunch and because it is just girls here, we are able to express it.
Why did you choose Dana: I chose Dana because the second I stepped on campus I felt suddenly connected to every single other girl here. I finally understood what my sister meant when she said that Dana is special.

Kayla '19

Hometown:  Wellesley, Mass.
Sports/activities: Blue Key Tour Guide, Kesher (A Jewish Student Youth Group), Star Club (Advancement Office), Peer Educator, International Host Family, Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Hockey, JV Lacrosse
Courses: Reinventing the Self, Calculus, Current Topics, Political Science, Photo 1, Making History
Favorite class: African Studies was my favorite class because I loved the teacher and what we were learning. I also got to travel to South Africa in the middle of the course which was amazing. I loved having a hands-on experience where I got to see the things I was learning about first hand.
Favorite Dana Hall School tradition: SPREAD (This a special tradition in which the Senior Class welcomes the Junior Class into the sisterhood of Dana Hall School.  It is a time to celebrate friendships, empowerment, and community.)
Special person at Dana: My special person at Dana is Ms. Magiera, Director of College Counseling. She is amazing because she makes the time for all of the students who she works with. She is so calming and helps me relax.
Best Dana moment: My best Dana moment was probably turning around during Senior Sophomore and seeing 2 close friends from field hockey standing behind me. I was so excited to have the special bond with them and was so happy and surprised. We are still extremely close to this day.  (Senior Sophomore is a Dana Hall School tradition where sophomores are encouraged with notes, candy, and costumes throughout the week by a secret senior, who is finally revealed before a celebratory dinner.)
Best part about an all-girls environment: I love that when I go to school, every person in a leadership position is female. It empowers me to shoot high when thinking about the future, knowing that I have had the chance to make a big impact.
Why did you choose Dana Hall School: I chose Dana because I loved the sense of community when I walked onto campus. The girls seemed so happy and grounded, and I thought it could be a great place for me.

Mikayla '21

Hometown:  Douglasville, Georgia
Sports/activities: Soccer, Softball, Blue Key Tour Guide, S.H.A.D.E.S (multicultural club)
Courses: Algebra 2 with Applications, Spanish 2 Honors, Literature and Composition 2, Principles of Engineering, Studio Art, African Studies, Chemistry
Favorite class:  My favorite class is African Studies!  This class is taught by Ms. Panahi and it squashes the misperceptions of Africa, which I love.  It can sometimes be difficult, but you learn a whole lot.
Favorite Dana Hall School tradition: Harbor Cruise. Harbor Cruise is a tradition that Dana does every year at the end of the first week of school. All grades 5 through 12 get on a boat and we have a party! We dance, take pictures, and eat lots of food. It's a good time to make new friends.
Special person at Dana: MY SISTER! She is a junior and she helps me with everything!
Best Dana moment: When my soccer team and I got our first win!
Best part about an all-girls environment: It’s so easy to focus. It is also more fun to do things such as play sports, and speak up in class without feeling like you are in a male's shadow.
Why did you choose Dana: Dana had the technology, sports, and the rigorous academics that I was looking for.

Nuchana '19  

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Sports/activities: Swimming, Cross Country, Blue Key Tour Guide, ISA (International Student Affairs) and piano
Courses: AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, AP English Literature, Mandarin IV, Astronomy and Natural Science
Favorite class: Middle Eastern Studies because it sparked my interest in the unknown part s of the world, where the national and religious histories have shaped the issues that are happening now.
Favorite Dana Hall School tradition: Senior-Sophomore because the sophomores get a lot of candy (!), and it also helps to create a stronger bond between the two classes.
Special person at Dana: Mrs. Miles because she is always there for me when I need support. Also, her smile is very warm and sweet, which makes me feel welcomed when I visit her.
Best Dana moment: Our annual class retreat is my favorite moment. It is a new memory and adventure every year.
Best part about an all-girls environment: It gives girls more opportunities to explore who they really are and strengthen relationships with their peers.
Why did you choose Dana: Dana has a warm and friendly environment. Not only does it have strong academics, but Dana girls are also able to enjoy the school community.

Campus Tour

Campus Tour

The best way to find out what makes Dana Hall so special is to visit our beautiful campus and see for yourself! These images share a sneak preview of what you can expect to see on your tour.

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  • Vietta

    "Dana offers many great opportunities including a trip to South Africa every other year. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be visiting South Africa, let alone with some of my closest friends. The trip enabled us to interact with real South Africans as they experienced their real lives, an opportunity I could never have had as a tourist."