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Top Ten Things About Dana

Dana's five Blue Key Co-Heads explain their top 10 favorite things about Dana Hall.

1. Sisterhood

The all-girls environment at Dana builds a sisterhood of support, understanding, and respect. 

2. Community

The Dana community is open-minded, respectful, spirited, diverse, comfortable and connected. People here are friendly and approachable. 

​3. Campus

Dana's campus is beautiful and safe, and Wellesley Center is like an extension of the campus.  It's also so easy to get to Boston from Dana - the train stops right in Wellesley Center.

​4. Traditions

Throughout the year, we look forward to many unique Dana Hall traditions which are all about developing a bond between classmates, grade levels and across generations of Dana alumnae. 

5. Empowerment

The all-girls environment makes you feel safe, empowers you to develop and share your own opinions, and teaches you to ask big questions. You learn quickly that your opinion matters at Dana, and you learn to be comfortable talking to adults. 

6. Student/teacher relationships

The teachers at Dana are always willing to help.  They are easy to approach and are accessible outside of class. Our teachers are involved in our lives beyond the classroom -  they are our advisors, coaches, and mentors. 

7. Clubs/sports/music

There are countless opportunities at Dana Hall to participate in after-school activities. We're able to pursue our passions, explore new interests, and have fun with friends. 

8. Leadership  

Whether it's being the captain of a team, the head of a club, a peer educator, an Ed Techie, a tour guide, a library page, a student council member, a dorm proctor or an intern at the Barn, there are many ways to develop and hone leadership skills here at Dana.  

9. Resources

There are so many resources at Dana, such as the facilities, the faculty, the academic support, the library, and the accessibility of Wellesley and Boston.

10. Academics

Dana classes are challenging but also exciting and engaging. Being surrounded by other motivated students is invigorating. The education at Dana teaches you that it's good to challenge yourself and helps you feel comfortable taking risks.

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  • Saliba Courtyard

    Favorite Place
  • Senior-Sophomore

    Favorite Tradition
  • South Africa Trip

    Favorite Memory

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  • Vietta

    "Dana offers many great opportunities including a trip to South Africa every other year. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be visiting South Africa, let alone with some of my closest friends. The trip enabled us to interact with real South Africans as they experienced their real lives, an opportunity I could never have had as a tourist."