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Alumnae Council and Association

The Dana Hall Alumnae Association, a network of all graduates led by the Alumnae Council, encourages alumnae participation in the continuing development of Dana Hall School. Membership in the Association is open to all alumnae (graduates and non-graduates).

The Association hosts professional and social regional events, provides support to all alumnae, helps the School achieve its alumnae fundraising goals, and facilitates communication between old and new Dana Hall friends.

The Dana Hall Alumnae Council serves, strengthens and promotes the missions, needs and goals of Dana Hall School and fosters a spirit of unity and loyalty across our global alumnae community. ” Alumnae Council Mission Statement

Get Involved!

Are you interested in growing alumnae involvement and giving, promoting pride and loyalty among both current students and alumnae, and enriching the Dana Hall community? If you have feedback for the Alumnae Council or would like to connect with members, contact Associate Director of Alumnae Relations Harriet Groppe Prince '06.

email Harriet

Alumnae Council Members

Kendall Armstrong

Class of 2011

Lisa Aronson Altman

Class of 1978

Meredith Caruso

Class of 2002

Molly Chisholm

Class of 2013

Bettina Chiu

Class of 2002

Emily Cohen

Class of 2002

Caitlin Condon

Class of 2002

Eleanor Frechette

Class of 1981

Alexandra Holian

Class of 1992

Alena Horton

Class of 2009

Fatima Jafri

Class of 2004

Lisabeth Jorgensen

Class of 1998

Katharine Koller

Class of 1974

Lisa Lopez

Class of 1986

Liz Maheras

Class of 1981

Guida Mattison

Class of 1998

Rachel Naggar

Class of 1992

Lynn Nathanson

Class of 1973

Jennifer Solomon-Matthews

Class of 2005

Elizabeth Svedlund

Class of 1990

Candace Taylor

Class of 2009

Marylou Wellbrock-Reeves

Class of 1977