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Class Captains

Class Captains (formerly called Class Agents) are an integral part of the Dana Hall young alumnae network, keeping silver sisters connected in the years immediately following graduation.
Their primary responsibility is to donate during the Young Alumnae Giving Challenge in November and solicit their classmates during the challenge. Additional responsibilities include reaching out to classmates again in the spring, attending Dana Hall alumnae events in their area and helping the Advancement Office update contact information for classmates. It is a two-year commitment.

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  • 2005-2009

    Class of 2005

    Abby Coyle Caponetti
    Kristen Zammito Duffy
    Katie McCully Murphy
    Jessica Ngo
    Lizzy Pond
    Annie Yang

    Class of 2006

    Ally Carolan
    Yu-Yu Lin
    Harriet Groppe Prince
    Chelsea Kendrick Sheasley
    Heather Glavin Yetman

    Class of 2007

    Tina Margiotta
    Hilary O'Haire Pinkerton

    Class of 2008

    Allie Capener Hales
    Catherine Kellogg
    Jackie O'Leary
    Nicole Suen
    Leona Watson
    Ari Williams

    Class of 2009

    Hillary Chisholm
    Alena Horton
    Allison McPartland
    Manon Palandjian
    Emily Soukas
    Candace Taylor

  • 2010-2014

    Class of 2010

    Cat Blakelock
    Aly Glavin
    Lesley Suen

    Class of 2011

    Alexis Altman
    Sienna Durbin
    Catherine Minahan
    Lizzie Mullen
    Nicole Welborn
    Tatianna Witter

    Class of 2012

    Amanda Feldman
    Taylor Houston
    Juliana Lorusso
    Caroline Lyons
    Victoria Robichaud

    Class of 2013

    Caroline Ames
    Molly Chisholm
    Abby Nectow

    Class of 2014

    Maddie Chisholm
    Emily Martin
  • 2015-2019

    Class of 2015

    Alexia Fieger
    Megan Grip

    Class of 2016

    Madison Altman
    Susanna Maheras
    Katie Skillman

    Class of 2017

    Sophie Langlois
    Julia Moynihan
    Madelon Palandjian
    Hailey Rohall
    Ally Wolf

    Class of 2018

    Stephanie Daley
    Ailish Maheras
    Rachel O'Brien
    Ryland Rich

    Class of 2019

    Pani Bhengsri
    Kayla Dines
    Audrey Lee

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  • Saliba Courtyard

    Favorite Place
  • Senior-Sophomore

    Favorite Tradition
  • South Africa Trip

    Favorite Memory

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  • Vietta

    "Dana offers many great opportunities including a trip to South Africa every other year. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be visiting South Africa, let alone with some of my closest friends. The trip enabled us to interact with real South Africans as they experienced their real lives, an opportunity I could never have had as a tourist."