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  • ABCs of eCommerce

    eCommerce is the act of buying or selling a good or service online. Join the panelists for an interactive discussion on how the world of eCommerce has exploded in the past 15 years. This industry includes retail, tech, design, marketing and almost any other profession one can imagine. Learn about the endless opportunities available and how these women are navigating their own personal career paths.
    Genevieve Murdock Babineau, ’05, Catering Practice Manager at ezCater
    Emily Martin ’14, Business Analyst at TripAdvisor
    Allison McPartland ’09, Category Manager at Wayfair
    Tulia Herrera Plumettaz, Associate Director of Data Science at Wayfair
    Sally Marrer P16, Founder, Sally Marrer Consulting
  • At Your Service: Dogs Changing Lives for the Better

    From pups to full-grown companions, come see how world class dogs transform into essential companions for trauma assistance, hearing, developmental disabilities and other therapy work. Meet representatives from NEADS (formerly known as National Education for Assistance Dog Services) and their furry friends to learn more about this organization and how these dogs come to be providers of independence, confidence, companionship, and therapy.

    Suzanne Bossert P19, 21, ordained Protestant minister
    Maestro, ADA-certified assistance/therapy dog

    Beth Gebhardt, puppy raiser at NEADS

  • Beyond the Ballot: A Civic Engagement Playbook

    You voted. Now what? This panel will discuss the many ways to engage beyond the ballot box, and will empower you to take the next step in joining the civic engagement movement. Civic engagement promotes the health of democracy and the quality of communities around the world. It also takes on numerous forms. It can be political or non-political, based in individual volunteerism or organizational efforts, and may involve direct services, advocacy, education, politics, philanthropy, group associations and more. Hear from women who have dedicated their professional and personal time to civic engagement, and who will teach all of us that there is no one way to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and no better time to get engaged!

    Courtney Caruso '05, senior associate at Hogan Lovells LLP
    Karen Middleton ’84, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado
    Catherine Minahan ’11, corporate relations manager at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
    Marynee Pontes ’12, senior program coordinator for a Competitive Inner City
    Natalie Weeks ’04, Strategy & Partnerships director of the Athens Partnership
  • By the Numbers: Finance 101

    Numbers and finance affect every part of our lives in one way or another. From start-ups to schools, financial decisions impact the success or failure of every enterprise. Financial careers can take many forms. Whether as an independent advisor on personal investments, managing finance for a small non-profit or giant global firm, or working as a securities trader, women take on a varied and broad range of careers in finance. Learn how three Dana alumnae have found leading roles in the world of finance.
    Andrea Hoadley Nix '71, Chief Financial Officer, Phillips Academy
    Lisa Chamberlain Schimmel '78, P12, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, FSH Muscular Dystrophy Society
    Deborah Goldberg Williams '84, Director, Chief Data Office, BNY Mellon
    Victoria Willson Quinn '69, Assistant Vice President, Commercial Lending Officer, South Shore Bank
  • Cultivating Calmness, Clarity & Connection: A Path to Living Life Authentically

    During her years as a therapist, Cybill S. Goldberg LICSW, P21, P25 has found that the common theme amongst her clients is not their diagnosis or their problems but their deep desire for Calmness, Clarity and Connection. In this session, Cybill will discuss how CALMNESS is found in the compassionate exploration of how we respond instead of react to life's challenges; how CLARITY is the courageous journey inward to our authentic self while learning how to live aligned with our values and goals; and how CONNECTION is the work we do towards becoming honest in healthy, rewarding and loving relationships with ourselves, others and the larger world. She will highlight the neuroscience of how our brains interfere with our ability to access these principals and provide techniques on how to overcome the hurdles. The format of this panel will be interview style by Cybill's daughter, India-Rose Goldberg '21.

    Cybill S. Goldberg LICSW, P21, P25, private practice clinician
  • Designing a Career in Architecture

    Three Dana Hall alumnae from different decades will share their professional paths and discuss why and how they have pursued a career in architecture. Each panelist is in a different phase of her career and will share the challenges and rewards of being a female in a male-dominated field. Panelists also will discuss the unique design projects they are working on in three different cities, and provide tips and guidance for other women who are considering this line of study and work.
    Eugenie Kwan ’06, project architect at the Cuningham Group
    Susan Eschweiler ’74, vice president and principal of DES Architects + Engineers
    Nina Schatz ’11, architectural designer at Goody Clancy

    Liz Welch Maheras '81, P16, 18

  • Dream Big! Transitions and Next Steps: Say Yes to New Beginnings

    It's no secret: transitions can be uncomfortable and stressful, but they are a normal and expected part of the career lifecycle. Planning out your professional path doesn’t end when you declare your college major or accept that first job offer. It is a life-long process that may take many twists and turns along the way. The good news: transitions can also be exciting and inspiring, as they represent change and new beginnings. They may ultimately help you reach your goals and achieve your biggest dreams. So don't fear transitions – embrace them! Each of these inspiring panelists will share their unique career paths and discuss what led to their own pivots and how they adapted. Career professionals will give tips and discuss strategies to manage these transitions effectively and hopefully encourage you to remain open to new possibilities that can help your career dreams become a reality.
    Joan Giblin ’94, Assistant Teaching Professor, Northeastern University
    Hannah Hoar '09, Product Analyst at HubSpot
    Brenda Kostyk P23, Associate Director of Undergraduate Career Development, Babson College
    Jacquelyn Smith McKee '06, Director of Content at FlexJobs
    Liz Noonan '08, Recruiter at Vox Media
  • Horses Healing Humans

    Join members of the BINA Farm Center and Dana Hall students for an informative and interactive session on equine assisted activities and therapies. BINA Farm Center brings together individuals with and without special needs by offering a variety of inclusive enrichment programs that help them to both thrive personally and make their best contribution towards the communities in which they live. In addition to a discussion, you’ll see horse therapy in action at the Karen Stives ’68 Equestrian Center.

    Jenna Kaplan, associate director and a therapeutic riding instructor at the BINA Farm Center
    Dale McCarthy, executive director at the BINA Farm Center
  • Inside the Life of a Writer

     Passion and talent for writing can open doors and lead to diverse and exciting opportunities — both professional and personal. Hear from three Dana alumnae who have used their skills to find success in a range of writing fields, including freelance writing/editing and screenwriting, music journalism, and long-form fiction. They will share practical tips and advice, as well as insights about their process, what has inspired them, and the valuable lessons they have learned and continue to learn.

    Christina Blake 18, published author and first-year student atStony Brook University
    Jana Friedman Brown ’90, freelance writer, editor, and screenwriter
    Marissa Lorusso ’09, writer and editor at NPR Music

    Julia Bucci, PhD, chair of the Dana Hall English Department
  • It IS Easy Being Green: Careers in Environmental Science

    Hear from seasoned professionals, undergraduate and graduate students as they discuss what sparked their curiosity and interest in our environment and its resources. Want to know what it’s like to study glaciers in Antarctica? Learn about environmental policy and drinking water preservation? How interests in meteorology, environmental science and environmental paleontology converge? Then join us for this enlightening and informative session.

    Allie Balter ’10, PhD student at Columbia University studying glaciers and climate change
    Kira Jacobs ’87, water quality scientist
    Samantha Richard, Environmental and Earth Science and Biology major and part-time weather observer and educator
    Mish Atamian P25, American broadcast meteorologist, environmental reporter, and author
  • It’s Your Mess, But Not Your Fault!

     Are you living under the burden of too much? Frustrated with your decluttering efforts? You’re not alone. To enjoy decluttering, you need to learn more than quick tips and organizing strategies. Get the inside scoop on the number one reason why our homes and lives are out of balance — a reason that affects all of us, and no one acknowledges! Learn the confluence of historical economic and cultural trends that got us here. It all makes sense. Find out why women are now in a unique position of power to lead us, individually and collectively, out of this mess. Take home the fresh perspectives and life skills that we all need to enjoy the work ahead. All workshop attendees will receive a free PDF copy of 3rd edition of Paper Clarity - What to Keep, Where and When to Shred.
    Laura Moore M.Ed. ’74, Principal of ClutterClarity LLC
  • Joy of Cooking

    Four entrepreneurial alumnae will share their career paths and discuss why and how they pursued a culinary arts career. Each of their journeys is quite unique with the common thread of a love of food and an entrepreneur spirit — each panelist has started her own company! Hear from a bread baker and traveling personal chef in Wisconsin, the founder of a full-service Maine catering company, a nutritionist and life coach who helps with the nutritional needs of individuals with health concerns, and a pastry chef and teacher who currently shares her love of cooking with children. Learn about some career paths in the world of food and cooking!  
    Lizz Branson Fabel ’74, bread baker and personal chef
    Peggy Smith Liversidge ’78, founder, Kitchen Chicks Catering
    Kimberly Maloomian ’01, RD, LDN, owner, Kimba’s Kitchen
    Heather Wish Staller ’01, is a cooking instructor and recipe developer

    Kristin Ryan, Dana Hall Dean of Students
  • Kick Some Glass: Empowering Entrepreneurship for Women

    There is no better time than now for women to pave their own paths to success. This entrepreneurship panel features four trailblazing Dana Hall alumnae, who will share their experiences breaking through personal and industry ceilings to succeed on their own terms. From nonprofit to design, our speakers will offer advice to students and women pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams. Whether you are a budding businesswoman, or already run a successful venture, this discussion is sure to leave you inspired.
    Alyson Glavin ’10, co-owner of Pure Design Works
    Jennifer Matthews ’05Marketing Director, Academy for Advancing Leadership & Founding Partner, 100 Ways of Giving, Inc.
    Deborah Saint-Clair ’04Creative Consultant, Oliver Agency - North America and CoFounder, 100 Ways of Giving
    Laura Littlechild Seele ’00, marketing director, Crane Stationery
    Rob Mather P24, 26, assistant Head of School

  • Lights! Camera! Create!

    What is it like to work in show business? Behind the camera? In front of the camera? In theater? Coming from all corners of the entertainment industry, this group of alumnae covers many facets of theater, film and television production. Although four have the title of producer, they all have very different jobs, and there is one common theme: they all love what they do. The members of the panel, which also includes one actress, will discuss their jobs, how they got there, what it’s like to be a woman in the field, the importance of finding a mentor and the influence Dana Hall has had on their career paths. Time permitting, other topics will include: education and skills, the role of location, career ups and downs, television in the digital age. You will come away with a better understanding of why they don’t call it show art.

    Susan Dangel ’69, television producer
    Candy Kosow Gold ’74, theater producer
    Deborah Newman ’69, founder of MusicStrat
    Annika Noelle ’05, actress
    Diane Sabatini ’79, movie producer
    Hannah Van Winkle ’99, television producer for The Today Show

    Liz Fenstermaker, Dana Hall School Performing Arts Department Head
  • Making A Difference: Careers in Mental Health

    Individuals who work in the mental health industry have the opportunity to make a valuable and positive impact on others. From clinical research to one-on-one counseling to mind-body therapies and forensic evaluations, this panel will explore the many career tracks in the industry.
    Alexis Altman ’11, licensed certified social worker
    Jen Carey ’10, doctoral degree candidate in clinical psychology
    Alison Farlow MacKinnon ’79, P19, licensed mental health counselor
    Carlann “Lannie” Smith Welch PhD ’73, psychologist

    Pam Slater, Dana Hall Director of Counseling
  • Nine Steps to a Healthier You: Strategies for Lasting Change

    A neuroscience-based process developed at Duke Integrative Medicine provides a roadmap for individuals to discover, articulate and achieve their goals for health and well-being. Based on the premise that lasting change is possible, this process works with the brain’s wiring rather than against it. Integrative Health Coaches guide clients through this process in the context of a supportive, client-centered partnership. Learn the techniques they use and gain insight into how you can achieve and sustain your ideal health.

    Kathy Whelan P01, Integrative Health Coach
  • She Sails Away: Living and Working Abroad

    Learn about the joys and challenges of living and working abroad from three alumnae who have collectively lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland, and Iraq (central and North Kurdistan), Chile, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Haiti, the Philippines, and Nepal to name a few. Explore what the fruits of global education can look like in the real world.

    Bethany Craig ’89, Manager, Recovery Services at American Red Cross
    Holly Richardson Todd ’74, arts administrator
    Christa Waegemann ’04, operations support for Creative Associates International
  • The Impact of Science and Medicine on Health

    Science and technology are advancing at a rapid pace, which leads to new and exciting discoveries made every day that greatly impact one’s health. These innovations not only have significant effects within the walls of a hospital, but they can also have more intangible effects, impacting health inequities and health policy. This panel will explore the career paths of women making these valuable advances.

    Emily Cohen PhD ’02, completing her postdoctoral training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School
    Sienna Durbin ’11, third-year student at Harvard Medical School
    Tikikil (Tiki) Firdu MD ’94 is an obstetric hospitalist at Capital Health Hospital
    Sophia Geffen ’09, Masters of Public Health (MPH) student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    John Suby, Dana Hall Director of Athletics, Health and Wellness

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