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The Dana Hall Art Gallery

Working with a variety of sources including Dana alumnae, current and past faculty, local and regional artists and most importantly, students, the Dana Hall Art Gallery typically has six to seven shows per year.
One of the most prominent programs is the Senior Art Show, where students in their final year use the Gallery to exhibit their artwork in May. The Dana Hall Gallery is located on the second floor of the Classroom Building adjacent to the art studio. Please note, exhibition and reception dates may change. 

Senior Art Show 2020

  • Izzy Borah • Drawing, Sculpture, and Mixed-Media
  • Carly Bilyew-Conn • Drawing and Painting
  • Jules Burke • Photography
  • Sam Burns • Fashion, Jewelry Design, and Sculpture
  • Echo (Wenxin) Chen • Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media
  • Helen (Si) Chen • Architecture
  • Hanan Dai • Drawing and Painting
  • Maya Darville • Drawing
  • Megan Duckworth • Digital Imagery
  • Lindsey Gilfeather • Photography
  • Elaina Hawkins • Photography
  • Cindy (Zixin) Huang • Painting and Digital Imagery
  • Mingee Kim • Drawing and Painting
  • Eliza (Yeojeong) Kim • Architecture
  • Evelyn (Yuning) Lai • Watercolor
  • Tori Li • Drawing
  • Julia Landry • Fashion Design, Painting, and Digital Arts
  • Abby Litvak • Oil Painting and Digital Imagery
  • Isabelle Mao • Photography
  • Kristen McCormick • Architecture
  • Nathalie Martin-Nucatola • Photography
  • Alexa Orent • Photography
  • Nancy Park • Drawing, Design, and Sculpture
  • Karina Panjawi • Drawing and Painting
  • Katherine Profy • Printmaking
  • Caylynn Reid-Taylor • Photography
  • Nicki Ribakoff • Photography
  • Jessie Schwartz • Painting
  • Nell Simister • Photography
  • Khyle Smith • Fashion Design
  • Charlene (Chialien) Tsai • Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media
  • Bink (Shada) Vijitkasemkij • Drawing and Painting
  • Annie (Yang) Xu • Printmaking

Gallery Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Wednesday and Friday: 
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Closed weekends and school holidays (this includes the summer vacation).

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  • Annie

    "Performing in plays and musicals is something I never imagined myself doing before coming to Dana. It is definitely out of my comfort zone, and I have learned so much from my peers and from the talented and committed teachers. I have grown to love my moments on stage and really share my passion with everyone else."