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Success Stories

The Roar

If it hadn't of been for Cotton-Eyed Joe!

"Cotton-Eyed Joe" became a staple of our agility drills and part of our warmup routine on race days. What a great way for runners to get themselves in a positive mindframe right before a race — laughing and dancing with their teammates and friends right before toeing the starting line!

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A Season of Hope

Hope is perhaps the most important thing to embrace as we enter this new school year. While the pandemic has dealt us many challenges and there are likely more to come, I am proud of how our student-athletes have leaned into the challenges over the past year and, as a result, become stronger and more connected to each other.

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Why I'm a Dragon

This fall, our head field hockey coach coined the phrase “Breathe Fire Dragons!” When I heard her yell it with competitive enthusiasm from the middle of the turf, it resonated with me and added an extra pep in my step. To me, it meant “keep fighting, keep giving it your all and never let up,” and it feels particularly relevant this year. Maintaining, let alone building, energy around an Athletics program during a pandemic could easily be compared to trying to break our top opponents’ full court press. 

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Just Keeping Swimming!

Every day after school in the winter season, students walk across campus to the Shipley Center and head to the pool deck for practice. For 90 minutes, girls take a break from academics to focus on training with their peers.

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More Athletics News


Dana Hall teams and individuals have had success in both the EIL standings and NEPSAC post-season play. 

Dana Hall Athletes

Dana Hall athletes often go on to find success at the collegiate level, participating in sports in Divisions I, II and III.

“Dana Hall really prepared me to schedule my workload around practice to make sure that I am still getting everything done and still perform at my peak."A. Orent '20Volleyball
Cornell University

In 6th grade, I demonstrated my reverse chip to the varsity team and it went top shelf. They all cheered for me and made me feel so special! I loved my team and the long-lasting  memories we always made together."M. D'Angelo '21Field Hockey
Tufts University

Dana Hall prepared me for college athletics by reminding me to persist through even the hardest workouts and races and by providing me with the insight that passion for your sport is crucial for individual and team success. ” 
A. Sibold '20Cross Country
St. Lawrence University

Dana Hall athletes have earned accolades at the national and international competition level.

Samantha Roberts '18

Olympic Swimming
Rio, 2016
Tokyo, 2020

Ginny Gilder '76

Olympic Rower
Moscow 1980 (boycotted)
Los Angeles 1984, silver medal

Liz Hills O'Leary '72

Olympic Rower
Montreal 1976
Moscow 1980 (boycotted)
Seoul 1988 (coach)

Karen Wennbergh Stives '68

Olympic Equestrian
Los Angeles 1984, gold medal

Nancy Storrs '68

Olympic rower
Montreal 1976
Moscow 1980 (boycotted)

Carol Cadwgan Lavell '61 

Olympic equestrian
Barcelona 1992, bronze medal