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Cross Country

Head Coach: Brian Cook

The Dana Hall cross country program welcomes all runners at every level of experience. Cross Country is perhaps unique in that the pure beginner and seasoned veteran can compete alongside each other in the same race. The nature of the sport allows our program to be universally inclusive - everyone makes the team and everyone ‘plays the whole game.’ At Dana Hall, we embrace this spirit of inclusiveness to build a community of athletes, sharing in each others’ successes and achievements.

Our program has three complementary objectives. We use Cross Country to build self-confidence and self-esteem. We strive to become the best runners we can be so that we can wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of competition. Most importantly, we celebrate the joy of being a runner, spending our afternoons on the trails, testing ourselves in workouts, laughing with teammates.

Our coaching philosophy is based on the belief that all runners can succeed and that all runners are individuals. We tailor our coaching approach for each athlete so that every member of the team gets the workouts and feedback they need to meet their goals. We work hard to help our athletes meet the expectations they have for themselves, and to realize the joy of running.

A Dana Hall cross country runners competes at a meet
The Varsity Cross Country team huddles up before a meet