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Head Coaches: Carly Corbacho and Francesca Stufano

Dana Hall's 30-member interscholastic equestrian team competes throughout the year with other schools at the varsity, junior varsity and middle school level. Riders accumulate points both individually and as a team towards a national competition held in the spring.

Dana Hall's AEL team competes locally at competitions in which their primary focus is horsemanship. The AEL structure is similar to IEA where the rider does not know the horse who they will compete on before the competition day. AEL team members will have the chance to review their flat pattern and jump course before the competition date so they have time to practice at home. On the competition day, students complete their flat pattern and jumping course as well as a horsemanship exam. Exam difficulty depends on the level in which the rider competes. The overall score from these three phases is combined to determine a rider's placement at the end of the day.