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Head Coach: Greg Crane

Squash is a sport like few others, requiring a combination of strong hand-eye coordination, speed and agility, a very high level of physical fitness, and mental toughness.  The Dana Hall squash program seeks to develop all of these skills and attributes while creating a strong work ethic, strong relationships, impeccable sportsmanship, and a fun environment both in practice and competition.
Dana Hall coaches have strong squash pedigrees and success working with beginners through to nationally ranked and recruited players. As squash is an individual sport, achieving success requires developing an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses and unique attributes of every player and working with them to achieve their squash goals, which are discussed and analyzed with each player throughout the season.
Dana Hall participates in the Eastern Independent League and plays an active match schedule against both league and non-league schools in New England. The team also participates in the New England Championships sponsored by NEISA and the National Championships put on by US Squash.