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Head Coach: John Dillon

Dana Hall swimming has a history of competitive excellence. The Shipley Center's six-lane pool on campus supports a program with several groups. 

Our Varsity program, which includes swimmers from both Upper and Middle Schools, represents Dana Hall at local and regional competitions where they consistently place in the top tier of competitors. Our Junior Varsity (JV) group is made up of swimmers of different ages and swim backgrounds; they compete during the season against other similar-level programs at EIL schools. The JV and Varsity groups are parts of the same team, and swimmers move between groups when possible to give the group a chance to compete together, alongside our diving team.

Swimming can be a solitary sport, but at Dana Hall, we do not believe that is the only way to swim. Coaches make sure that swimmers are recognized and honored for their dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship, not necessarily for the records they set. Our team is a group of athletes who build each other up, knowing that success in a tough sport like swimming comes when athletes are proud of their strength. Every time a Dana Hall swimmer enters the pool she should feel supported by her team proud of her school, and stronger than she was the day before.