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COVID-19 Information

This page has been created to update and inform the Dana Hall School community and provide resources regarding COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control has created this list of frequently asked questions and answers about the coronavirus.

Latest Updates from Head of School Katherine Bradley

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  • May 21, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Families,
    As we head into our final week of the 2019-20 academic year, facing both the end of an extraordinary school year and the development of plans for what may come next, the foremost emotion of the adults here at Dana Hall School is pride in all the girls’ accomplishments and resilience. Balanced with that pride as we look back is the very focused work we are doing as we look forward to next year and the uncertainties it may bring. 
    Earlier this week, Governor Baker shared the outline of a phased approach to reopening various sectors of Massachusetts’ economy and public life. While we had hoped for more specific guidance for schools and educators from state and local officials, we have already started the planning process for reopening Dana Hall School. Working within the constraints of factors outside of our control, we do not yet know what this fall will look like, but we do know it will not be the same as last fall. It is our intention and sincere hope to open with students back on campus, subject to making our campus safe for students and employees and adhering to regulatory restrictions. Of course, given the circumstances, it would be imprudent and unwise to offer predictions or to plan for any single eventuality. We are therefore developing several different contingency plans to address various future scenarios.
    Currently, we are preparing for a range of learning and residential environments, and we are readying each plan with equal attention. One possible scenario is a complete return to campus, with new health and safety procedures in place. We are also exploring a hybrid model that addresses the necessity of alternating students on campus with others who are home, allowing for stricter social distancing. And we must prepare for a possible return to distance learning, either to start the year or some time during the school year, with modifications to current schedules. In this planning, we will remain flexible and adaptable, so we can nimbly move between the various plans if the need arises and pivot quickly to ensure continuity of a robust educational program. Throughout the weeks and months ahead, our students' health and safety will remain paramount and our continued excellence in teaching and learning will be our priority. Our flexibility and our ingenuity have been key to our success thus far, as we were able to re-launch our entire academic program in a virtual environment, only three days after the scheduled conclusion of spring break.
    Now is also a time to reflect on our practice, to learn from our experiences this spring, and to build on our strong foundation. We know that the one-on-one time with teachers and advisors, office hours and extra help have been enormously beneficial during distance learning. We also know that any future distance learning must include more structure and synchronous classes in the Upper School; with time to plan ahead, it is appropriate to expect students to access more frequent synchronous classes. As we consider all of our programs and offerings, upholding Dana Hall’s unique culture of connectedness and kinship among students, faculty and staff will be a priority in our decision-making.
    I remain forever grateful to Dana Hall’s faculty and staff, who have been enthusiastic, creative, dedicated and determined throughout these last months, and I continue to be inspired by our students as well, for their spirit, resourcefulness and hard work. Of course our families are our partners in our success, and I appreciate the care and concern you have shared for your daughters’ experience and for each other. The energy of our school community, even at a distance, is a source of great comfort and strength.
    Let us be sure we give ourselves space and time in the coming days to honor and celebrate all of the achievements, accolades and milestones of the 2019-20 school year. We know we have much work to do; this summer will test us all in new and demanding ways, but I assure you that Dana Hall is up to that challenge. I will provide frequent communications as our planning continues. As you can imagine, the scenario by which we start next year will be influenced significantly by decisions made by local, state and federal agencies, but I am committed to letting you know the possibilities in a fair amount of detail by early July. Thank you again for your loyalty and support of Dana Hall School. 
    Katherine Bradley
    Head of School
  • April 21, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Families and Students,
    Since the beginning of this global pandemic, we have made every effort to ensure the safety and health of our community while carrying out our mission to provide Dana Hall students with an excellent educational experience. At times, it has been a challenging balancing act, but I am enormously proud of our community’s collective determination, resilience and good will throughout this extraordinary experience. To comply with Governor Baker’s order that all Massachusetts private and public schools remain closed through June, we will extend our distance learning program and not return to campus through the end of the academic year.
    I recognize that the finality of this may be cause for great disappointment. This new reality will likely raise new questions — I will attempt to provide some answers here and in our newly revised FAQ on this page. Additionally, in the coming days, we will send follow-up communications to address the specific concerns of various groups.

    Academic Program

    For all students grades 5-12, our academic year will end on Friday, May 29. In the Upper School, formal cumulative exams will not take place, but there will be culminating academic experiences in all classes. There will be some upcoming small adjustments to the current Upper School schedule that address what we heard from faculty, students and families in our recently-conducted surveys. Director of Upper School Jessica Keimowitz and Director of Middle School Lauren Goldberg will share division-specific plans later this week for continuing and completing this trimester and academic year.  

    Class of 2020 and Year-end Celebrations

    So much has been asked of young people in the past several weeks, and I am concerned about the mounting disappointments for all of our students. I am particularly heartbroken for the Class of 2020. This is not how any of us imagined the conclusion of your time at Dana Hall. Your hard work, talents and contributions to our school have enriched the Dana community, and your achievements deserve recognition and celebration. We will hold two ceremonies to take the place of our traditional commencement, with a virtual event on May 30 and then an in-person event at a to-be-determined date, when it is safe to do so. We will work in partnership with members of the Class of 2020 to schedule and create two experiences that are meaningful, joyful and draw on our important traditions. More details will be forthcoming, as will information about other year-end milestones, such as the Middle School Moving-Up Ceremony, Class Day and Senior Convocation. 

    Residential Life

    Our Student Affairs team will send a separate communication to boarding families with specific details about processes for packing, storing, shipping and retrieval of student belongings. Student Affairs also will share information about the rooming process for boarding students returning next year.

    Other Information

    Beyond the immediate health risks and emotional toll, COVID-19 has made an economic impact, that like the virus itself, is bringing much distress. Dana Hall entered this crisis in a position of relative strength, and that has been a great boon. While other schools and organizations have needed to furlough employees, I am proud that Dana Hall has not had to do so. With the full support of the Board of Trustees, I am doing all I can to ensure that the School remains on as positive financial footing as possible. To uphold our school values of integrity and empathy, I will continue to share changes or updates with appropriate transparency.
    Although the decision to continue our school year without returning to campus was made for us, all of the resulting decisions, though difficult, have been made after considerable deliberation and discussion, guided at all times by Dana Hall’s commitment to protecting the health, well-being and safety of all our community members. We know distance learning cannot duplicate the vigor and vibrancy of in-person classes, and we feel a real sadness for all the events, activities, performances and games that have been canceled or postponed. The extraordinary challenges we have faced together during this time of physical distancing have prompted us to rely on the spirit of the Dana Hall community and look to our motto, Amor Caritas, with fresh appreciation. That spirit endures whether we are together or apart. We all can continue to draw strength from each other, and from the power of our mighty community.
    My sincere best wishes for good health for you and your loved ones,
    Katherine Bradley
    Head of School
  • April 9, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Families,
    Our relationship with time and the weekly calendar has taken on new meaning during this global pandemic, as many of us find ourselves repeatedly asking the question, “What day is this?” I can confidently assure you that today is Thursday, and we have completed two full weeks of distance learning. My respect and appreciation for our dedicated faculty and staff grows with each passing week, as their remarkable flexibility, positive and professional approach, and ability to reinvent our academic program — all at lightning speed and under unprecedented circumstances — remains a source of great pride. 
    The newness of distance learning requires us to remain both nimble and vigilant, as we learn, adapt and redefine best practices. You are our partners in this effort, and to that end I ask that you complete this brief survey about your daughters’ distance learning experience. A similar survey will be shared with our students.
    While we are all doing our best, we must acknowledge that without the daily interactions that form the strong relationships on which a Dana Hall education is founded, we will inevitably fall short of our highest aspirations. I’m particularly interested in hearing how you and your daughters are handling your physical and emotional well being. As the reality of our new normal has settled in, many of you may be feeling out of your depth. Of course you are — we all are. At these times of doubt, I hope you will draw strength from our school community and each other.
    Next week, I will be rolling out Coffees with Katherine for parents and guardians — scheduled virtual times for informal Q&A, camaraderie and BYO coffee. Watch your email for the Zoom details. I’d also like to promote a new tile on your DanaConnect Resource Board: Community Communications is home to our daily division video messages, the archive of the MS Messenger and US Update, links to our social media outlets and a growing collection of news and information. 
    As many members of our community celebrate Passover and Easter this week, most likely in ways they have never celebrated before, may the love and strength of friends and family, even those far away, sustain you. 
    Amor Caritas,
    Katherine Bradley
    Head of School


  • April 2, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Families,
    Here we are, near the end of our first full week of distance learning. Our transition to remote teaching and learning is going smoothly, thanks to the attentive and thoughtful work of our faculty, staff and administrators. I am grateful to all of you who have written with words of thanks and affirmation for their efforts.

    Excellence in Remote Learning

    Throughout spring break, Academic Dean Nia Jacobs collaborated with Director of the Upper School Jessica Keimowitz and Director of the Middle School Lauren Goldberg to research best practices in remote teaching and to create our new online learning environment, including the schedule. 
    They led the way in taking webinars on effective remote learning so that they could become resources to faculty, and they brought their vast knowledge of girls at different developmental stages to the creation of our online approach. As you know, the result, based on that careful research, is innovative and solution-oriented. Educators from other schools and colleges have already commented to me about how creative our program is and how well it meets the needs of our students of different ages and time zones. The team was faced with many challenges, not the least of which was the speed with which our students and faculty were going to have to adapt to these changes! Their leadership, together with the faculty’s remarkably flexible, positive and professional approach, have made these early days of the transition a success, and other schools are now turning to us as an example of what is best practice in education. We will, of course, remain flexible and learn as we go, tweaking and adapting the program as we learn from experience.
    Our transition also went smoothly due to our amazing Information Technology (IT) department, led by Fred Clayton. Because our 1:1 iPad Program has been so robustly used and supported, and because the IT department is already well integrated into the academic program of the School, many of the challenges that other schools are encountering have not affected us. We have had some issues out of our control, mainly with Schoology and Zoom, which are being used at unprecedented and at times unsupportable levels. The entire IT team has worked cheerfully and tirelessly to ensure that our students have as robust an experience as possible. 

    Modifications to the Grading System During Distance Learning 

    I know many of you have questions about grading for the period of online learning. During this period, we will move to a Pass/Fail system. You will be hearing more details tomorrow from the division directors, but it is important to note the following: teachers will continue to grade work and offer students feedback to help them maintain a sense of their progress toward their mastery of key skills and content areas; students will be able to see individual assessment grades in Schoology, but there will be no overall trimester average or year average shown; currently, we are working on equitable solutions for how we will assess and portray a student’s overall work throughout the year. Director of College Counseling Cara Hanig and members of her office have been in communication with colleges, and they have assured us that this approach will not put our students at a disadvantage. Many colleges and universities have already issued statements indicating that they will treat P/F as typical; many of these same institutions have themselves transitioned to this form of grading for the spring of 2020.

    Sustaining our Community 

    While we are working to help our students advance in the curriculum, we also remain keenly aware of the social and emotional needs of our students, and the importance of connecting with one another. Faculty are checking in with advisees, Zoom interest groups are being hosted, and club meetings will soon be scheduled. Our coaches and fitness instructors are posting workout programs on the girls’ Schoology page. To facilitate social interaction, we’ve even continued with Upper School weekend activities! Last week's included suggestions to take a virtual museum tour; create positive affirmation signs; get book recommendations from our Dana Hall librarians, keep a quarantine journal, try baking a new recipe, or pick up an old hobby. Perhaps your daughters will invite you to join in on a future weekend activity. 
    Despite all our efforts, none of this will replicate a true Dana Hall education, one that is steeped in interpersonal connections, daily interactions and strong relationships. As I have said in the past, we can’t understate that other important aspects of our “curriculum” are delivered while waiting in line at the salad bar or during happenstance meetings in the hallways or while walking to Shipley or Bardwell. As I wrote last week, we do remain constant in our mission to help the girls become resilient, strong and compassionate as they undertake their academic endeavors.
    As we all look ahead to the hopeful return of a more familiar spring, I have disappointing news to share, although those of you in Massachusetts are likely already aware of it: Governor Baker has ordered that all schools remain physically closed until May 4. Hence, we know that we will not all be seeing one another in “3-D” until at least May 4. As a parent of teenagers myself, I give you my complete empathy as you manage the many disappointments that this unprecedented circumstance has caused.
    My thoughts are with all of you who are experiencing the virus first hand; many of us have been impacted through friends or family, and our grief is beginning to accumulate. I hope that the strength and support of the Dana community will sustain you.
    Amor Caritas,
    Katherine Bradley
    Head of School
  • March 24, 2020

    Dear Alumnae, Trustees, Corporators and Parents,

    As many of you know, the campus of Dana Hall School is closed until at least April 27, and we will be teaching all our courses online until then; all of our afternoon and evening events have also been canceled through April 27. These are indeed unprecedented times.

    And in a time lacking any sense of normalcy, familiarity brings solace. For example, faculty and staff returned yesterday, albeit online, and are preparing to teach remotely for the next month or more. Thanks to technology, we began to hold faculty meetings, and many of the usual Dana Hall questions were raised: How can I best help my students understand the material? How can I best support each and every one of my students? Where are the best resources for my subject area? How can we teachers effectively share resources and ideas with one another? And, as there is at so many of our meetings, there was much laughter: you can’t have a virtual room full of lively, interested, dedicated and bright people who love working with adolescents without encountering a lot of wit and humor, even in these challenging times.
    So, will online teaching and learning go perfectly smoothly? Not at all. There will be goofs and blunders and glitches. Will it replicate being in the classroom? No. There will not be the give-and-take of classroom banter or greetings at the doorway or spontaneous expressions of encouragement and celebration. But, familiarly, there will be adults who are committed to educating our girls and who are willing to do all that they can to make that happen. As always, the teachers are eager to help the girls to learn, to feel connected, to feel secure. In their usual fashion, teachers are helping the girls to become even more confident and feel an even greater sense of agency in their own lives. And, as ever, the faculty will do so with flexibility, patience, good will and good humor.
    Like all schools, Dana Hall is grappling with the logistics of this pandemic and its economic fallout. Much thought and time has been, and continues to be, given to ensuring that we’re handling all the details and possible outcomes and contingency plans as carefully as possible. And that is crucially important. But it is just as important to remember that we are a school built on the shoulders of the remarkable and visionary women who came before us, and we know from them that we are at our most powerful when we band together, help one another out, and share our burden cooperatively, and that one of our most familiar — yet greatest — responsibilities is to pass that sense of united strength on to the next generation of women.
    So, while we naturally focus on the latest news and the day’s unique challenges and the fear or anxiety they may bring, I encourage us all also to remember our school’s roots, and to concentrate on helping the next generation of women to be resilient, strong and compassionate. And may that familiar mission bring us each a sense of comfort and inspiration in these trying times.
    This truly is a unique community, and I remain humbly in service to its students, alumnae and employees.

    Amor Caritas,

    Katherine Bradley
  • March 16, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Community,
    Though I last communicated to you just five days ago, much has changed in our world, and will continue to change, as we face the health crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dana Hall’s Administrative Team convened (virtually) this morning, and I’d like to share the following decisions that we made to best ensure the safety of our community members and comply with local, state and federal guidance. As of today, we ask all students to remain off campus until at least April 27.

    Boarding Program

    • If boarding students are able to return home, we recommend that they do so as soon as possible. All students who are currently home should plan to stay there. Events and government guidance have changed so quickly since I last wrote that we now ask all students to remain off campus. 
    • Until students are able to travel home, we will work with families to find a temporary solution to make sure girls are cared for and safe. If you need assistance, please contact Dean of Students Kristin Ryan
    • Though our hope is to resume our regular academic program at some point this year (see below), we recognize that it may not be possible for many of our boarding students to return to Dana Hall at that time. I assure you we will continue to support online learning through the end of the school year, for those students who are unable to return to campus.
    • We recognize that many of you may have important belongings in your rooms. While we cannot permit access to rooms for health reasons, please contact Kristin Kristin Ryan or Dean of Boarding Life Donna Corrigan if there are essential items you need. At this time, we ask that families not come to campus to pack up student rooms.  

    Academic Program

    • As I previously announced, faculty will plan and prepare for remote teaching and learning options on Monday, March 23 through Wednesday, March 25. Students will begin taking classes online on Thursday, March 26. We will offer more specific directions about these details through these communication channels as the date approaches.
    • On April 17, we will make a decision about whether to continue our remote learning program, or to resume classes on campus. 
    • The earliest date that we would resume classes on campus would be April 27. Please note: the remote learning program will continue for students who are unable to return to campus.

    Facilities and Events

    • In accordance with local and state guidelines, all Dana Hall facilities and fields will remain closed until further notice. 
    • Staff will continue to work remotely when possible. Employees whose work is necessary to campus operations will be on campus and following recommended precautions, provided they are healthy. 
    • We have canceled or postponed all Dana Hall on-campus events involving outside guests, as well as Dana Hall events held off campus, through April 27. This includes Blue & White Night and Reunion; additional communications about those events will be forthcoming. We have also canceled the Middle School trips and Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day.
    • We have not yet made a determination about commencement and other closing events. If we are unable to hold traditional year-end events, we will work with senior class leaders to reimagine those important activities for the Class of 2020, as well as provide alternatives for other year-end activities. 


    We know that you likely have many questions, particularly those families in our boarding community.  We will soon add a FAQ section to our COVID-19 Information webpage. We will also share resources there that provide helpful advice for managing anxiety, dealing with disappointment and other wellness challenges that will be common during the weeks ahead.
    If you have questions, please reach out to the following administrators, or me:
    Director of Upper School Jessica Keimowitz
    Director of Middle School Lauren Goldberg
    Dean of Students Kristin Ryan
    Dean of Boarding Life/International Student Advisor Donna Corrigan
    Director of Health Services Pia Manna
    These are extraordinary circumstances, and I am grateful for the dedication of our faculty and staff, as well as the resiliency and cooperation of our entire community. Our mission has not changed — we will continue to prioritize the academic success and social-emotional health of our students. I will provide ongoing updates as needed.
    Katherine Bradley
    Head of School
  • March 12, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Students and Families,

    As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, the number of cases has increased domestically, and Massachusetts has entered a state of emergency. Like all educational institutions, Dana Hall School places top priority on the health and safety of its students, faculty and staff. We are also a school that prides itself on responsible global citizenship, and as such it is imperative that we take steps as individuals and as a community to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

    As a result, and in the best interests of our community, we are making the following significant changes to our post-spring break schedule. I recognize that many of these changes will be disappointing to you and create challenges that together we will need to manage. 

    Academic Program

    • All students who are able to remain away from campus at the conclusion of spring break should do so. Please see below for those who are not able. From Monday, March 23 through Wednesday, March 25, faculty will have time to plan and prepare for remote teaching and learning options. Students will begin taking classes online on Thursday, March 26 through Friday, April 3. We will make an evaluation at that time to determine if there is a need to extend this period of remote learning.
    • Remote classes will include online teaching and video tools; we will also continue our use of Schoology and Google Apps. Students will need reliable, high-speed internet access. If your family is unable to accommodate a remote learning environment for your student, please contact the appropriate division director (Lauren Goldberg or Jessica Keimowitz). 
    • More specific details about the logistics of the remote academic program will be shared toward the end of the spring break.

    Residential Life

    • We recognize that this move to distance learning may present unique challenges to our boarding community. While our plan is that students remain off campus at the conclusion of spring break, we recognize there may be students who need to return to campus due to travel restrictions or other significant constraints. Students may request to stay in dormitories, using this form.
    • For those who must remain on campus, services and resources will be provided accordingly. Students who are on campus will be expected to participate in remote learning and may remain on campus until we return to classes as usual. We have felt deep compassion for those students who were unable to return home for spring break due to travel restrictions, and we will continue to work closely with them to ensure that they are well cared for.
    • Note that our Health Center staff will be available to help coordinate care remotely, including managing/rescheduling appointments, medication refills, and answering questions regarding ongoing health-related treatments.

    Return to Campus

    • As a reminder, If ANY community members have been in an area identified by the CDC as being at Warning-Level 3, or if community members have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, they will be required to stay away from campus and be symptom-free for 14 days. They will also need to contact Pia Manna, Director of Health Services to discuss their status before they return to campus.
    • Closer to the date on which on-campus classes resume (currently April 6), we will ask all students, faculty and staff to indicate where they have traveled and whether they have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.


    • All pre-season practices are canceled, as well as all practices and competitions through April 3. At this time games are still scheduled to begin in early April. Our Athletics Department is in touch with our peer schools, and there is no definitive information about schedule adjustments at this time; we will share those decisions as soon as possible. 

    Dana Hall Events

    We will cancel or postpone all Dana Hall on-campus events involving outside guests, as well as Dana Hall events held off campus, through April 3. While our Admission revisit days will be canceled, we are working on providing a virtual revisit program for prospective families. In the coming days, there will be additional communications about all of our events; no decisions have been made about events after April 3. 

    School Offices

    All offices will reopen on March 23, and staff will be encouraged to work remotely when possible. Employees whose work is necessary to campus operations will be on campus, provided they are healthy. Please note that the entire campus will be cleaned by the scheduled end of spring break. 

    Clearly, the measures outlined above are serious, and we will feel their impact on many levels. As a warm, caring community, we value each other’s company and the in-person interactions that make learning, teaching and working here so powerful. It is in this spirit of caring for our community, and especially for those most vulnerable in our broader community, that I ask each of you to understand the need for these changes and work together to face these new circumstances with a spirit of cooperation and determination.

    We will continue to use the same channels to provide updates related to this evolving and complex crisis. Please consult our COVID-19 Information webpage for resources and previous communications.


    Katherine Bradley 
    Head of School
  • March 6, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Community,
    As part of our ongoing effort to keep our school community informed, today we received the following communication from David Lussier, superintendent of Wellesley Public Schools:
    Dear WPS Families and Staff,
    We learned a short while ago that a Wellesley resident has tested positive for COVID-19 (Coronavirus.)  This individual is a parent of children who attend the Upham Elementary School and Wellesley Middle School.  It’s important to know that these children are showing no symptoms and are healthy.  Out of an abundance of caution, we have made the proactive decision to release students early at Upham and WMS in order to fully clean and sanitize both buildings. All other WPS Schools will complete their day on a regular schedule. We will continue to work closely with the Wellesley Health Department and other Town officials in providing additional updates.
    While we have no additional information at this time, we wanted to let you know we are aware of the situation and in touch with town health officials. As you know, Dana Hall School is on spring break and closed until March 24. A core group of administrators and staff will continue to monitor all issues related to COVID-19; please consult our COVID-19 Information webpage for resources and updates.
    Katherine Bradley
    Head of School

    Wellesley Resources

  • March 3, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Community,
    As the international health risk related to “COVID-19,” also known as coronavirus, continues to evolve, here are the latest measures Dana Hall is taking to support our students and families, with a particular focus on travel. 
    • As we head out for spring break on March 5, we respectfully ask that community members (students, families, faculty and staff) follow the official recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and avoid all nonessential travel to China, South Korea, Italy, Iran and any other identified areas. As this situation is changing rapidly, the number of countries on this list is likely to grow in the days and weeks to come.
    • If community members have been in an area identified by the CDC as being at Warning-Level 3, or if community members have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, they will be required to stay away from campus and be symptom-free for 14 days. They will also need to contact Pia Manna, Director of Health Services to discuss their status before they return to campus. In addition, they should contact either the Director of the Middle or Upper School to arrange for ways to continue to do their schoolwork while away from campus. 
    • As of today based on current CDC recommendations, all school-sponsored trips are scheduled to leave as planned.
    • We have prepared letters for all international students, as well as all students traveling on school-sponsored international trips, that certify that each student has been in attendance at Dana Hall since January 6, 2020, when she returned from winter break. Since many students will be traveling independently, and with non-US passports, this letter will verify that they have not traveled outside of North America to areas significantly impacted by COVID-19, in the event they are questioned. 
    • Members of the Administrative Team, Risk Management Committee and other key department leaders will continue to monitor developments and convene before the end of spring break to review evolving government recommendations and determine if additional precautions are necessary. We will use email and our website to provide these updates.
    Throughout the course of this event, we have been following best practices and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. It is difficult to know today what we will be faced with as our community returns from spring break. While we do not believe there is an immediate cause for concern on campus, keeping our community safe is our top priority. 
    Note that as we focus on the best care for our community members, we affirm our support for our students who may be more likely to be subject to hurtful and ignorant comments regarding the virus. We stand firm in our commitment to equity and inclusion, as outlined in our Inclusion and Diversity Statement. Thank you for your ongoing empathy and support of our work to prevent stigma and discrimination at Dana Hall School. We ask students to reach out to a trusted adult if any such incident occurs. As we strive to ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, I remain grateful for the compassion of this community.
    Katherine Bradley
    Head of School
  • February 27, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Community,
    As you have read in our previous communications, Dana Hall School continues to monitor the unfolding international health risk related to “COVID-19” also known as coronavirus, as we work to best support our students and our families. This is an unprecedented situation and our ongoing response is evolving based on new developments.
    Throughout the course of this event, we have been following best practices and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. This includes monitoring and adhering to any government travel advisories. In accordance with those advisories, we have been working closely with our students who are not able to return to their home countries, to ensure they have alternate arrangements for spring break. Additionally, many of our students and families will be traveling to other destinations during their vacation. Upon our return to school after spring break, our Health Center staff will continue to follow the CDC guidance for clinicians.
    We are monitoring new developments and will continue to reevaluate our steps and actions daily, including operational plans as needed to ensure the safety and security of our school. We are committed to offering access to communication on this topic and have set up a COVID-19 Information webpage to hold all of our data and resources in one place. We will update this page with the most current information and resources available to us.
    Please be assured that the health and well-being of our community are our top priority. As we move forward, that includes remaining focused on empathy and offering additional support for those students and families most affected by this health risk and the related challenges. I’d like to thank those who have sent messages of compassion and generous offers of help for our students. I remain particularly grateful for the strength and togetherness of this community.

    Katherine Bradley
    Head of School
  • January 30, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Community,

    Dana Hall is monitoring the international health risk related to “2019nCoV,” which is also known as coronavirus. The Administrative Team, along with the Director of Health Services and the Dean of Residential Life, is meeting regularly, as we continue to adhere to advisories from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Additionally, we are in close contact with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Wellesley Board of Health.

    Since our last email communication, the WHO declared that the coronavirus outbreak is a global health emergency, and the CDC has issued a new warning recommending that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to China. We are communicating with students and families whose upcoming travel plans may be affected by these new advisories. 
    It is clear that this complex situation is rapidly evolving. The health and care of our students and the entire Dana Hall community remain of the utmost importance. We will continue to be responsive and vigilant, both in our care for our community members and in our communication about any changes in our course of action. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Katherine Bradley
    Head of School


  • January 24, 2020

    Dear Dana Hall Community:
    Many of you are aware of an international health risk related to “2019nCoV,” which is also known as coronavirus. The Dana Hall Health Center is monitoring the situation and following the standard health care procedures set forth by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. As this is an evolving and complex situation, we will be vigilant and continue our usual surveillance of the Dana Hall community, keeping in line with the guidelines of the local community health department and larger government agencies.
    We are in touch with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, our school physician and our peer schools, who are all monitoring the situation. At this time, surveillance is the only recommendation as the risk for coronavirus in Massachusetts is considered to be low.  
    During this season, we encourage good health habits for prevention of all viruses, including the flu: Avoid close contact with people who are sick, wash hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissues, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, keep rooms clean and surfaces wiped down. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Pia Manna
    Director of Health Services





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  • If I leave the United States, what happens to my visa status?

    The United States government has adjusted their rules so that you will still be considered an "active" student regardless of where you are in the world. What that means is that as long as you continue with your Dana Hall coursework and requirements from teachers, your visa and I-20 will remain valid. Students can return home to other countries without an updated I-20 form. (But you will need a passport!) If you need a new I-20 (with an updated signature on page 2 or you have lost your I-20, we can work with you on sending an updated I-20 to you in the coming weeks. If your travel plans change and you need your I-20 immediately, please let Mrs. Corrigan or Mrs. Miles know.
  • What if my F-1 Visa expires this summer (the expiration date is listed on the Visa page in your passport)?

    If your F-1 Student Visa expires this summer and you are outside the United States you will need to apply for a new Visa. Currently United States embassies around the world are closed and we do not know when they will reopen. We recommend that you continue to regularly check your local US Embassy website for updates and information. Some embassies are already scheduling Visa appointments for later this summer so it is good to be proactive and try to make an appointment. Please be in touch with Mrs. Corrigan or Mrs. Miles if you are unable to renew your Visa this summer.

    If you plan to stay in the United States this summer and your Visa will expire, that is fine. You can stay in the United States with an expired Visa, as long as your I-20 is valid.
  • Q: How do I transfer my I-20 to my college/university for next year?

    A. As soon as you receive any I-20 Transfer forms, please complete as much information as you can and then send the form to Mrs. Corrigan or Mrs. Miles. We will then transfer your I-20 to your college/university during the first week of June. By the end of May, Mrs. Corrigan and Mrs. Miles will be in touch with all seniors on I-20 Forms to make sure we know where you need us to send your I-20 Form at the conclusion of the academic year.
  • What happens to my I-20 if my college is not going to open in the Fall?

    Please be in touch with Mrs. Corrigan or Mrs. Miles if you know that your college/university of choice will not open in the fall. We will work with each student and their college on an individual basis to figure out the best plan. Please note, however, that your Dana Hall I-20 will end in early June and so you will need to leave the United States by early July.
  • How can I retrieve my belongings that are still in the dorm? 

    UPDATED ON 4/29/20:

    After extensive consultation with our Risk Management team, and with the health and safety of our community in mind, we are currently offering the following two options for PACKING belongings:
    1. For students/families who are unable to return to campus, or to designate another individual to do so, Dana Hall house faculty will pack individual rooms, in (virtual) cooperation with each student throughout the process. 
    House faculty will set up times to communicate by phone or video conference to identify each individual’s belongings before packing begins and confirm numbers of boxes and storage plans when packing is complete. Be assured house faculty will use proper protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.), take appropriate safety precautions, and ensure accurate labeling while packing.
    2. Students/families who are able to return to campus, or can designate another individual* to do so, will be able to pack individual belongings at a later date. Once/if it is deemed safe by state and local authorities, we will designate times when individuals can come to pack up student rooms. This process will not begin before May 18, in accordance with Massachusetts’ current stay-at-home advisory. 
    In order to execute this plan in a safe and responsible manner, we will schedule families at responsible intervals and will limit the number of people allowed in the dorm to pack, in accordance with physical distancing guidelines. Students/families will be required to take appropriate precautions, including the use of proper protective equipment (masks, gloves etc.), which the School will provide. 
    *Families may designate a relative/friend to pack their room if they are unable to come to campus themselves. The designated individual(s) will be required to follow the same guidelines and will need to show identification before being allowed in the dorm. 
    Belongings will need to be packed and collected by Friday, June 6.
    This packing plan will be executed in phases, beginning with securing the belongings of those who are unable to return to campus. House faculty must complete the packing for these students/families before we can begin the next phase of allowing families into dorms, if/when it is deemed safe to do so. 
  • What if I need to store my belongings at Dana Hall?

    For students returning to Dana in the fall, your belongings will be stored safely in dorm storage and you will retrieve them when you return to campus. For seniors and students not returning to Dana Hall, we will arrange for safe on-campus storage and work with you on an appropriate retrieval plan. We originally planned for a collection date of August 8, but know this will not work for those returning from abroad for college/university in the United States. Details about storage areas will be forthcoming.
  • How will we address the room draw for next year?

    We know returning students are eager to know how the rooming process will work for next year! Since we will be unable to complete our traditional room/dorm viewings and room draw, Student Affairs is working on reimagining these processes in an effective, virtual way. We will share more specific information in May.

Dana Hall Contacts

Dean of Boarding Life/International Student Advisor
(781) 489-1391

Lauren Goldberg
Director of Middle School
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Jessica Keimowitz
Director of Upper School
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Pia Manna RN
Director of Health Services
(781) 489-1937

Dean of Students
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    "My favorite class at Dana Hall (so far!) has been Middle Eastern Studies. It covers interesting material that helps me to better understand current events, and provides me a unique perspective when so much of formal history education is focused on the West. The class has helped me break stereotypes, and I now view the world differently."