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Dana Hall's 2020-21 School Year

Dana Hall’s academic and programmatic goals have not changed: we will ensure that every Dana student benefits from a challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum that nourishes her curiosity and strengthens her intellect, wherever she is learning.

Faculty members are holding themselves and their students to the highest academic standards. With enthusiasm, engaging coursework, and unwavering commitment, teachers are ready to lead excellent distance and in-person learning. Using all available technology and overlaying years of expertise with new strategies, faculty, staff and administrators will endeavor to know every student individually, and ensure that the school is fully responsive to the needs of all families. 

We will begin the school year with three learning models, including a hybrid learning option for students who live locally, alternating one week on campus with classmates in their grade and schoolmates in other grades, and one week learning from home with that same cohort plus additional students learning remotely from home. All Dana students, those learning from home and those learning at campus, will be constantly and consistently connected with each other as one complete Dana community -- as we always have been.

Guiding Principles

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Ensuring the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty are the most important factors in our decision-making process. Therefore we remain flexible and ready to adapt to the frequently changing situation with the COVID-19 response and we will continue to rely on the expertise of our partner’s recommendations from local, state, and federal health organizations.
In designing our program for the fall, we continue our long-standing commitment to student engagement and community connections.
Faculty and staff have been involved in professional development throughout the summer to examine best virtual practices for teaching and learning, maximizing student agency, and developing authentic connections. Our goal is to ensure that all of our students have access to the best possible learning experience.   

Our greatest desire is to prepare for all students to return to campus life as soon as safe conditions permit. Our planning process includes developing programs that will become part of our “new normal” for Dana Hall.


Focus on Community

Preparations and Resources

The best way ahead is mitigation, as no organization can completely engineer-out all COVID-19 risk. We are engaged and committed to providing the safest possible environment while adhering to guidance from DESE, CDC, AIHA, NAIS, AISNE, and other bodies. We have implemented additional targeted and layered, science-backed precautions to safeguard employees and students while on campus. Additionally, we have hired Fusion Cell as an outside consultant for assessment, recommendations, and verification of COVID-19 plans and policies. The execution of these engineering, administrative, health, and exclusion policies, and other controls will help our school operate while safeguarding the health of its employees, students, and community.

  • Engaged Fusion Cell, a pandemic planning firm with an extensive background planning for pandemics on military bases, now serving schools and corporations, to review all aspects of Dana Hall’s plans.

  • Consulted with numerous facilities experts about infrastructure, ventilation and air exchange.

  • Established safety protocols for students and staff returning to campus or becoming ill while on campus in collaboration with the Wellesley Board of Health and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health -- both guided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

  • Consulted with multiple medical experts in the fields of infectious disease and public health
  • Participated in numerous COVID-19-related seminars for school health professionals for peer independent schools.

  • Updated Dana Hall’s Student Handbook and Employee Handbook with COVID-19 related protocols and processes. 

  • Prepared the REACH app for all community members participating in the hybrid learning model to self-test and report health screening results at the start of each day, prior to arriving on campus.

  • Engaged deepening online teaching and learning competencies through faculty professional development programming, peer-to-peer learning exchanges throughout this summer and the completion of the week-long course: Designing for Online Learning and/or read Small Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes

COVID-19 Planning Group



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