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Donate A Horse Form

Many of the school horses at the Karen Stives ’68 Equestrian Center are donated by individuals. Dana Hall is always looking for a wide range of horses for the School’s riding program, from seasoned show horses to schoolmasters who can teach beginners the basics. All horses receive exceptional care and work in a program tailored to their capabilities. Horses generally work one hour a day, no more than six days a week, and receive all veterinary attention and maintenance necessary to keep them comfortable and performing at their best.


Donor Information
Name of Donorrequired
First Name of Donor
Last Name of Donor
Are you a Dana Hall alumna?required
Horse Information
Horse Name
Horse age
Horse USEF #
Training Background/Accomplishments
Medical Background (including routine maintenance)
Diet (including supplements)
Vices (i.e. cribbling, weaving)
Amount of Normal Turnout Time
Ground manners/general attitude
Reason for Donating
Please describe the level of work your horse is currently capable of (flatwork and jumping) and the level of riders he/she is best suited for: