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Annual Report of Giving

Helen Temple Cooke Society

The Helen Temple Cooke Society recognizes the generosity of alumnae, parents, grandparents and friends who make provisions for Dana Hall in their estate plans. A bequest or life income gift signifies partnership with Dana Hall and its mission to provide an excellent educational experience for young women.
Anonymous (2)
Virginia Abbott '78
Claire Burgin Allen '49
Elsiedale Peters Armstrong '67
Frances Armstrong '66
Susan West Ayres '65
Deborah Babson '74
Hannah Lefkowitz Bah '86
Anne Barnard '62
Mary Barringer '68
Cornelia Alden Greaves Bates '55
Nancy Reynolds Beck '44
Dustina Bennett '95
Kristin Bergfeld '62
Katherine Bishop '66
Anne Bissell-Freestone '70
J. Carey Blackwell Bloomfield '66, G24, 25
Virginia O'Hearn Broadbent '49, P81
Dulcie Eames Brown '58
Janet Goff Bryan '45, P72
Susan McEldowney Canon '59
Darden Whelden Carr '60
Meredith Caruso '02
Helen Chester '68
Tucker Massey Clark '61
Emily Cohen '02
Dana Cole '73
Mary Covington '58
Elizabeth Cowan '63
Martha Kidd Cyr '63
Anne O'Neil Dauer '56
Kate Boyd Dernocoeur '71
Hester Miller Dillon '94
Nina Dodge '71
Kimberly Douglass '72
Jane Dudley '72
Jennifer Dunning '70
Lynn Eccleston '66
Clarissa Barker Edelston '67
David Elliott P17
Natalie Febres-Cordero '88
Jane Fisher '49
Norma Fisher '49
Joan Butler Ford '51
Susan Farnham Ford '45, P67
Cheryl Forté '69
Ann Woodcock Fralix '58
Anita Walker Franks '44, P68, 73
Laura Loewenstein Freedlander '64
Dana Peters Frizzell '78
Linda Fish Fuller '63
Marian Selden Gagliardi '40, P62
Virginia Gamage '73
Melissa Garvan '75
T. Alexandra Schilling Gibbs '85, P24, 24
Judy Gilbert '80
Peter Dean Gilson
Marian Nicholas Gorling '51
Sarah Reed Goulard '63
Marlene Mustard Graf '61
Constance Daloz Gray '56
Thompson Greenlaw
Sarah Pfaffmann Griffiths '76
Joyceann Yaccarino Griggs '78
Carolyn Grande Harder '61
Bonnie Bottger Helms '60
Ann McCracken Hiden '53
Ann Wellmeier Hilliard '55
Margaret Loring Hinds '56
Carol Tsu Ho '48
Enid White Holmes '39
Margaret Hoover P10, 11, 18
Jeanette McIntosh Ingersoll '55
Roxane Whelden Isbey '46
Weslie Resnick Janeway '66
Linda Smith Janoff '72
Steve and Blair Jenkins H08
Patricia Jones '53
Lisbeth Kamborian '58
Nancy Karp '70
Whitney Peters Keen '56, P77
Jennifer Adams Knebel '78, P11, 13
Kate Hirsch Koller '74
Sheila Slawsby Kowal '55
Margaret Powell Ladd '63
Lucy Franks LaPier '73
Elizabeth Johnson Larson '60
Carol Cadwgan Lavell '61
Joan Hadley Lena '49
Peggy Levenstein '75
Barbara Reade Levings P73
Jane Loewenstein Levy '66
Anne Cone Liptzin '57
Dana Little '58
Leslie Loomis '72
Penelope Prell Luce '61
Sherrie Judd Mahaffey '66, P91
Sally Briggs Maitland '58
Jean Chase McCarthy H01
F. Warren McFarlan P84
Maura McGonigle '81
Deo McKaig '55
Karen Middleton '84
Susan Milnes '77
Gretchen Hurxthal Moran '51
Helen Morse '72
Liz Myers '70
Grace Nelson '73
Elizabeth Orr '71
Margaretta Lazarus Paduch '53
Carol Reeves Parke '54
Frances Powell Perry '54
D. Sarah Smith Peterson '74
Deborah Emerson Pinkham '68
Grace Wright Pope '41
Margaret Mahaney Rhoades '58
Nancy Rich
Sarah Beinecke Richardson '66
Elizabeth Browning Riley '77
James Rinehart
Molly Ford Rinehart '50, P71
Betsy Webster Rockett '49
Sarah Rodman '70, P06
Linda Schwartz Rosenbaum '55
Eliza Sprague Rowe '87
Christina Ryrholm '63
Linda Samuels P93
Blossom Appel Sanger '48
Gail Nicholas Schneider '55
Marybeth Sollins '63
Robert Solomon W73
Jill Spiller '59
Patsy Palmer Stecher '50
Esther Cohen Stein '72
Louise Lane Talbot '56
Courtney Tipping '02
Solace Walker Tobey '59 +
Elise Irving Tucker '58
Martha Hinman Vaughn '53, P80
Sibyl Dougherty Waterman '41
Nina Heald Webber '49, P73
Catherine FitzHarris Webster '83, P19
Bob and Kathleen Whelan P01
Constance White '87
Lilla Stevens Willey '59
Heather Wish Staller '01
C. B. Wright P81 +
Louise Berke Wulff '49
Marjorie Jacobs Yashar '58


G    Grandparent
H    Honorary Alumna
P     Parent
W    Widower

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  • Steph Quote

    "I love playing basketball at Dana. Our team is really like a family, and we’ve grown so much over the three years I’ve been on the team. My freshman year I never would have thought that we would be able to win the EIL league, but this past winter we did! What makes the team so great is how we look out for each other on and off the court. My teammates are my biggest supporters and it’s always great when we get to welcome new members onto the team. I can’t wait to be captain next year."