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New Parents: FAQs

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • When does the school year start and end?

    If your daughter is planning to play a varsity sport, tryouts begin on August 30, 2019. Otherwise, new boarding students are expected to arrive on campus on September 1, and all day students register on September 2. (Note that Labor Day is Monday, September 2). The school year ends on June 5, 2020. Consult the basic calendar for all the other specifics about vacations, required weekends, and exams.
  • Is there a bus service for day students?

    Dana Hall offers bus/shuttle service to provide direct transportation to the school for students living in the City of Boston, as well as service for students living west of the City. The bus delivers students directly to the Dana Hall campus.

    The Stops:
    • Boston, Beacon Hill: The pick-up and drop-off location is in front of Cheers Restaurant, 84 Beacon Street.
    • Boston, Back Bay: The pick-up location is Back Bay MBTA Station on Dartmouth Street, between Stuart Street and Columbus Ave. The drop-off location is the Dunkin Donuts on 430 Stuart Street.
    • Newton Area: The pick-up and drop-off location is Wilde Road at the intersection of Beacon Street.
    This bus service is provided by Local Motion, a Boston-area school bus transportation company. All service is in school buses equipped with seat belts and driven by trained and licensed school bus drivers. All vehicles are equipped with telephones and radios.

    Fee Schedule:
    All fees are for full school year service. A deposit of $100 is required with the application form in order to reserve a seat on the bus. The balance will be billed and payable by August 31, 2020, prior to the start of school.

    2020-21 fee information and registration forms will be available to all families over the summer.
    For questions about the service, please contact Freya Maltz, (781) 489-1310.
  • Can you help me arrange a carpool?

    In early July, you will officially become Dana Hall families, and you’ll be given instructions on how to access and use DanaConnect, our online information portal. Among DanaConnect’s many helpful resources are our Directories. You’ll be able to search parents and students by name, and you’ll also be able to filter by your town, or your nearby towns. There’s a map view, so you can see who lives in your neighborhood, and then you’ll be able to make carpool arrangements with other parents.
  • Does Dana help boarding students with ground transportation to/from the airport?

    Student Affairs will arrange ​transportation service to Logan Airport for major vacation travel (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks)​, as requested. Please note: an​ ​approximate travel time of three to four hours to the local airport (for domestic and international flights) or train station should be included when making your arrangements. We ask students not to book flights requiring them to leave the dorm prior to 6 a.m. or arrival after 9 p.m.
  • What books and supplies will my daughter need?

    The supply lists vary, depending on your daughter’s grade level and course load. The School’s online bookstore is MBS Direct. Please note: The 2020-21 online bookstore opens on or around August 1.

    In July, Middle School families will have access to grade-level specific supply lists; these lists are posted in DanaConnect. Upper School students will learn about supplies when they start classes at the beginning of the school year.
  • When should our family buy iPad?

    We do not always know when Apple will announce a new model, a move which invariably causes previous models to come down in price. Delaying your purchase until late spring or summer will also extend the warranty period to cover two full school years if you choose the extended coverage option. We have a whole separate set of FAQs about our iPad Program, which provides more detailed advice about iPads.
  • Where can I buy Dana Hall gear to show my Dana Dragon spirit?

    You can purchase Dana Hall items online
    The Dragon's Den offers a full array of Dana Hall apparel and gifts. When school is in session, you may visit the Dragon's Den on Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The ‘Den’ is located in the Upper School Building between Waldo Auditorium and the Library Science Wing.
  • My daughter is an international student. How does she apply for a student visa?

    Dana Hall provides a Form I-20 to international boarding students who are not United States citizens or United States Permanent Residents. In order for a student to receive a Form I-20, a student must first apply, be admitted, and enroll at Dana Hall.

    According to United States regulations, families requesting a Form I-20 must also provide the School with financial certification and proof of the applicant’s citizenship by submitting a Declaration of Finances form and copy of her passport. The Admission Office will begin the Form I-20 and student visa process in early May.

  • What do you do to ensure a safe learning environment?

    Our students’ safety and well being are Dana Hall’s top priorities. Campus security is a responsibility we take very seriously. Ongoing measures include:
    • Monitored cameras throughout our campus and facilities
    • ID-card access for all buildings related to student activity
    • Campus Safety staff members on duty 24 hours a day/7 days a week; they patrol campus day and night.
    • We routinely train and practice age-appropriate lockdown drills with our students.
    • Dana Hall has a close relationship with the Wellesley Police department, with officers frequently visiting our campus. As part of a regular review, administrators meet with the Wellesley Chief of Police to review the School’s safety practices and crisis management protocols.
  • How has the School responded to the recent international health risk related to COVID-19?

    Dana Hall continues to monitor the unfolding international health risk related to "COVID-19" also known as coronavirus, as we work to best support our students and our families. We are monitoring new developments and will continue to reevaluate our steps and actions daily. We are committed to offering access to communication on this topic and have set up a COVID-19 Information webpage to hold all of our data and resources in one place. We will update this page with the most current information and resources available to us.
  • How can I get involved with the school community?

    Dana Hall has an active Parents’ Association made up of all current parents and guardians. There are many ways you can lend your time or expertise to the school as a volunteer — families assist with activities for boarding community enrichment, support athletics and performing arts through the Booster Club and Arts Angels, participate or lead service projects, staff the Shipley Center snack bar and work in the library, plan and run special events throughout the year, help the School’s fundraising goals, promote sustainability initiatives and serve as host families to international and/or boarding students. You can participate as much or as you little as your schedule allows.
  • How does Dana Hall focus on leadership?

    At Dana, we encourage girls to get to know themselves and their unique skills and talents, particularly when it comes to leadership. Most leadership positions are shared, such as co-heads or co-presidents. It's an exercise in teamwork, and it also helps to lighten the workload. We like to point out that every leadership position is filled by a girl — from the captain of the lacrosse team, to the editor of the yearbook, to the president of the senior class. Every year, leaders are elected or selected for the School’s major clubs and organizations. In the Upper School, student leaders attend leadership workshops approximately four times a year to discuss school issues and enhance leadership abilities.

    Learn more about leadership at Dana
  • How does Dana Hall create a sense of community?

    As we assert in our Inclusion and Diversity Statement: “We are committed to building an inclusive community that respects and affirms each of its members, honoring their diversity of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, and socioeconomic status. We are committed to building an educational program that recognizes and values the many peoples and perspectives of our community and the world. We realize that conflicts may arise in the creation of such a community, but we see these possible conflicts as opportunities for growth, for open and honest communication, and for learning. Through our commitment to diversity, the Dana Hall community prepares students for the challenges and choices they will face as women and citizens of the world.”

    Commitment to community, equity and inclusion is apparent throughout Dana Hall, and it starts at the top, with ongoing training for the Board of Trustees, administrators, faculty and staff. Diverse perspectives, texts and methodologies are part of every department's courses. Specific curriculum addressing diversity, identity, equity and inclusion is central to our Forum program, which provides age-appropriate health and character education at all grade levels.

    Dana offers many different clubs in both the Middle and Upper School that help students explore their own identities and the identities of others, including ALANA (African, Latin American, Native American and Asian affinity group for Middle School), Bridge (gender and sexuality diversity group), International Student Association, Kesher (Jewish cultural group), SHADES and Dana All (multicultural group in Upper and Middle School, respectively), Salaam (Middle Eastern/Muslim cultural group) and affinity groups for students of color and LGBTQIA+ students.

    The School also has an affinity group — the Families of Students of Color Collaborative — for parents and guardians of students of color to share experiences and discuss challenges.

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  • Francesca

    "In my Literature Composition I class we did a poetry unit before winter break. Our poetry project was in collaboration with a school in Turkey. We created our own websites to display our works of poetry. The last day of school before winter break we were able to Skype with the kids from the school in Turkey, and it was so much fun to interact with students who were so far away. We were able to learn what their school was like, and how their classes worked."