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Breaking the Ruled

Upper School Math Teacher Matt Enlow was recently honored at the 2019 Mathematical Art Exhibition Awards with an Honorable Mention for his artwork, Breaking the Ruled. His piece was selected from submissions by more than 100 mathematicians and artists from around the world.
“My favorite thing about making these pieces is... well... making the pieces,” Enlow said. “Coming up with the germ of an idea, then playing around with it a little, trying different versions, figuring out how far from the lined-paper theme is ‘too far,’ but also making it sufficiently distinct from the other pieces in the series.”
Enlow produces his artwork with the software package Mathematica, “which not only allows you to create graphics with great precision, but it can do some significant mathematics in the background to place the elements of a piece exactly where I want them to go,” he said. For this exhibit, he printed, cut and punched holes in the four pieces to replicate ruled paper, then mounted them on black foamboard, he said. “There is a lot of problem-solving involved!”
The Mathematical Art Exhibition Award was established in 2008 through an endowment provided to the American Mathematical Society (AMS) by an anonymous donor. The Mathematical Art Exhibition of juried works in various media is held at the annual Joint Mathematics Meetings of the AMS and Mathematical Association of America.

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