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Student-Created Art Installation Takes Over Gallery

Now through October 15, the Dana Hall Art Gallery presents the student-created architecture and painting installation ARTFUNHOUSE. The exhibit was inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s LOVE IS CALLING and her infinity mirror rooms to give the impression of artwork that never ends.
The installation is a collaboration between all of the Dana Hall art classes, from Middle School through Upper School. The Upper School architecture classes created the structures the room, from a swing suspended from the ceiling to an insulation foam table and stool.
The students first sketched their designs, then cut cardboard and filed the foam at specific angles to make the desired shapes. They also primed and painted the items themselves. “It’s so therapeutic to have this during the day,” said architecture student B. Bert ’22.
Every member of the Dana Hall community is invited to stop by, grab some of the available paint and a brush, and add their own creative touch to the exhibit.
“You’ve never seen more joy than when I said ‘glitter’ to the Middle School,” laughed Michael Frassinelli, Visual Arts Department Head and director of the Dana Hall Art Gallery. “It’s play time for the students, but it’s also tied into the curriculum. We bring in elements of what they’re studying.”
At the end of the exhibit’s run next month, Frassinelli will encourage members of the community to cut out a section to take home with them. “It distributes a little color and joy out into their places,” he said.

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  • Singing the Alma Mater

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  • Maya

    "My favorite Dana Hall memory would be the first time I ever sang the Alma Mater with my fellow classmates. That was most definitely the first time I felt like I was truly a part of something. Joining hands with my future Silver Sisters made me truly feel like I was a Dana girl."