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Meet the Class of 2022

A Message from the Class of 2022 Senior Class Historians

Dear Dana Hall, 

The Class of 2022 has traveled a journey like no other, through an unexpected pandemic, new school schedules, and the ever-changing world around us. Numerous obstacles thrown our way might have caught us off guard, but instead of backing down, we simply paved a new path and marched on. Throughout our time at Dana Hall, challenges have only made us stronger and bonded us closer as a class. We will be forever grateful for the unconventional, but precious time we’ve spent together at Dana. 

Freshman year was the start of a new adventure for everyone, even for those of us moving up from the Middle School. Nevertheless, we quickly bonded and put on a fantastic Cabaret, which had to be the best one so far. We had it all: mini plays, magic tricks, dances, and many more. Before we realized, we had made our way through freshman year and became Big Sisters offering advice to new members joining the community. The first half of sophomore year was a blast. We celebrated the Senior-Sophomore tradition with candy posters, colorful costumes, and perhaps a bit too much excitement. We couldn’t wait to see what the rest of junior year had in store. None of us could have anticipated the global pandemic that shut down the country and put an abrupt pause on our high school experience. In March 2020, we left for a Spring Break that seemed infinitely elongated. The rest of sophomore year was dominated by Zoom meetings, which extended into junior year with a hybrid learning mode. It wasn’t until senior year in 2021 that the entire Class of 2022 reunited again in person. We’ve all traveled through bittersweet feelings, which have made us cherish more of our remaining time together: from singing “Bridges over Troubled Waters” at Harbor Cruise and Prom to dressing as senior citizens and our middle school selves during Spirit Week. We have shared so many memories in every corner of this campus. 

Our time at Dana Hall has not been a traditional one, but this has only made us stronger, shaping us into who we are.

The Class of 2022 is resilient and hardworking. As a class, we have always persisted and overcome challenges in the most creative ways. We are the first class to put on a virtual Revels (not a simple task!). We were also the first, and hopefully last, class to have a hybrid Mid-Winter. As a group of talented artists, athletes, future scientists and entrepreneurs, we have eagerly guided the Hallmanac, Focus, Mirage, Model UN, Peer Ed and many other clubs, enhancing Dana’s diverse and inclusive community. The Class of 2022 is full of compassionate and supportive people, which we will continue to be even as we move on from Dana. 

To the Class of 2022, do not let anything stop you from being your bold, caring, and talented selves. The 76 of us come from eight countries, six states, and diverse cultural backgrounds. And our differences have made us an amazing class. We are proud of all the accomplishments we have achieved in the last four years at Dana and are beyond excited to see what's to come as we all go on our next adventures. We’re looking forward to hearing all about it at our first reunion in 2027! Until next time, our beloved friends. 

Your Class Historians, 

Coco Zhang & Dania Flores