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Honors for Student Artists and Writers

Honors for Student Artists and Writers

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program is the longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in the United States. Dana Hall students stood out from thousands of entries, and received regional awards and honorable mentions in drawing and illustration, photography, jewelry, mixed media, painting, digital art, sculpture, short story, personal essay & memoir, poetry, critical essay, and flash fiction.

Art Awards

Gold Key
Q. Fu ’24, Drawing & Illustration, “Grieving”
E. Kang ’26, Photography (2), “Angles of Eiffel” and “Blinded”
L. Qiao ’26, Jewelry “Flying Apsaras”
Y. Wang ’25, Mixed Media, “Born Into”
L. Zhao ’26, Painting, “The Great Unraveling”

Silver Key
Fu, Drawing & Illustration, “Looking Back”
Kang, Mixed Media, “WHAT A FAM”
Qiao, Jewelry (2), “Blue Corinthian” and “Mother’s Tear”
G. Wang ’24, Digital Art, “Bliss”
S. Wang ’24, Photography, “A Taste of Home”
Zhao, Photography, “Woven Narratives”

Honorable Mention
S. Huang ’27, Mixed Media, “Tranquil Waters”
Kang, Photography, “Paths Don’t Cross”
Kang, Sculpture, “Scattered Humanity”
K. Lee ’26, Painting, “Fruit War”
A. Miao ’27, Drawing & Illustration, “Night Scene in Guizhou”
J. Nichols ’24, Photography, “Equine Love”
G. Wang, Drawing & Illustration, “Intertwined”

Writing Awards

Gold Key
Y. Ding ’26, Personal Essay & Memoir, “Because it’s Precious”
Y. Kuang ’24, Poetry, “to the progeny we cannot sever”
Kuang, Critical Essay, “The Silent Woman”

Silver Key
N. Cao ’27, Poetry, “An American Welcome”
Kuang, Flash Fiction, “Inherited Tragedies”
P. Wei ’27, Short Story, “Remnants of Ba-ba”

Honorable Mention
Cao, Poetry, “Legacy”
Cao, Poetry, “Pawn in the Game”
S. Reid ’26, Poetry, “The Military Post Office”

Work is judged on originality, technical skill and emergence of a personal voice or vision. All Gold Key entries are automatically considered for national medals, which are announced later in the spring.

L. Zhao ’26's Gold Key painting, “The Great Unraveling”

L. Zhao ’26's “The Great Unraveling”

Q. Fu ’24's Gold Key drawing and illustration, “Grieving”

Q. Fu ’24's “Grieving”

E. Kang ’26's Gold Key photography, “Angles of Eiffel”

E. Kang ’26's “Angles of Eiffel”