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Sharing Our Gratitude

On Thursday, November 17, the Dana Hall community gathered for its Thanksgiving All-School Meeting, led by Director of Community Service Programs and Physics Teacher Angela Macedo. She began the meeting by sharing the complicated history of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, and why some observe it as a National Day of Mourning while others focus on themes of giving and gratitude.

Student speaker S. Wang ’24 spoke of her time volunteering at HOPE Food Pantry in Framingham. What began as a way to fulfill her 10th grade community service requirement blossomed into a calling that found her growing closer to fellow volunteers while they served those less fortunate.

“It is the rewarding experiences that keeps you going,” Wang said. “It is not for the hours, but the connections we build and the perspectives we gain. I am thankful for all the experiences and people I met, for what each of them has taught me about my community and myself.”

The Community Service Advisory Board (CSAB) held a food drive and sold raffle tickets to benefit emergency food pantry A Place to Turn in Natick. A Place to Turn Board Chair Doreen Thompson spoke on behalf of the organization, who was pleased to accept more than $600 and 550 lbs. of food from Dana Hall. She talked about the 32% of adults with children in Massachusetts who experience food insecurity, with the burden falling more heavily on communities of color.

Thompson expressed her gratitude for Dana Hall’s efforts this month, saying “Thank you for your kindness, dignity and respect.”

Two faculty members dressed up as turkeys

Ryan Chiu in the Upper School and Brian Kaufman in the Middle School were selected to be turkeys for a day in the CSAB Turkey Ticket Raffle.