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Showcasing Mythology Knowledge

Showcasing Mythology Knowledge

A group of Upper School and Middle School students recently took the National Mythology Exam, an extra opportunity for students who love mythology to study a specific mythological topic and test their knowledge about that topic.

Eighth graders took the Pegasus Mythology Exam, which tested them on their general knowledge of mythology as well as the hero Hercules.

Cum Laude: H. Stuart ’28
Magna Cum Laude: O. Littlefield ’28
Summa Cum Laude: M. Tauer ’28

In the Upper School, students took the Medusa Mythology Exam. This year’s theme was “What Happens in Tartarus,” which was all about various punishments in the Underworld.

Cum Laude: J. Weller ’24 and I. Wellington ’24
Magna Cum Laude: M. Meuse ’24
Maxima Cum Laude: E. Lindstrom ’25, N. Ryan ’25, K. Lee ’26, M. Boyne ’27
Summa Cum Laude: B. Haferd ’27