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With Honors

With Honors

On April 25, eight students from the Class of 2024 were inducted into the Cum Laude Society. The organization honors scholastic achievement at the secondary level, and Dana Hall inducts its new members annual each spring. The inductees join nine of their peers who were inducted last year.

At the induction ceremony, Cum Laude Society Faculty Advisor Michael Frassinelli said, “You are all here today because you continued to do the extra work that needed to be done, maybe giving up that one trip to Starbucks or some weekend activity to study a little harder, read a little closer, and write a little clearer. That ability to do the things you know you need to do even if you are not really in the mood to do them is obviously super important — what my daughter refers to as “adulting” — and a quality that will allow you to continue to excel, be curious, and leave this school as life-long learners.”

Addressing her peers, Cum Laude Member A. Fu ’24 said, “Your presence here signifies remarkable academic achievements and I want to take a moment to acknowledge the dedication and hard work you’ve put in over the years. However, it’s crucial to remember that your worth isn’t solely defined by your academic accomplishments. Among us are artists, authors, dancers, mathematicians, musicians, and more. Each of you excels not just in academics but also in your unique passions. Embrace those passions; let them be your guiding light instead of solely pursuing perfect grades.

“As we, the seniors, approach the end of our journey at Dana, remember that stepping into college and beyond means encountering many brilliant individuals, possibly with more impressive academic records. Transitioning from a high school senior to a college freshman can be challenging and lead to self-doubt. But always remember, life isn’t a competition against others; it’s about striving to be better than you were yesterday.”

Congratulations to the inductees!

Class of 2024 Inductees

E. Bogan
E. Cole
A. Herrera
A. Kaye
S. Lee
A. Sedunova
P. Shaw
E. Svedlund

Class of 2024 Cum Laude Members

A. Fu
M. Gong
S. Kim
C. Kuang
Sa. Li
Sw. Li
A. Thames
N. Wang
S. Wang