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Fall Varsity Sports Awards

Dana Hall’s fall varsity athletic teams closed the books on the 2021 season this week.

Eastern Independent League (EIL) All-League
Soccer (SC): E. Soucy ’24 and D. Iffih ’23
Field Hockey (FH): L. Anderson ’23 and A. Sullivan ’24
Cross Country (CC): M. Reinhardt ’24
Volleyball (VB): C. Wang ’23 and C. Colman ’23

EIL Honorable Mention
SC: A. Fattaey ’22 and P. Wheelan ’26
FH: E. Miller ’23
CC: J. Du ’23 and H. Hill ’25
VB: S. Cook ’22 and B. Mathieu ’25

New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) All-League
CC: M. Reinhardt ’24
VB: C. Wang ’23

NEPSAC Honorable Mention
FH: A. Sullivan ’24

The Dragon Award recognizes the individual on their team who promotes the values of sportsmanship, ethical play in competition and commitment to their team. 
FH: J. London ’22
VB: A. Chiwaya ’22

The Unsung Hero Award goes to the team member who did not necessarily receive recognition during the season, but whose performance and work ethic is deserving of praise.
CC: E. Nauen ’23
VB: S. Cook ’22

The Most Improved Player Award goes to the team member who was diligent in her performance and her work ethic and had made significant improvement in her sport skills, game strategies, and overall knowledge of her sport.
SC: M. Klug ’25
FH: B. O’Donnell ’25
CC: M. McGill ’25

The Sportsmanship Award is awarded to the athlete who is respectful, dedicated and committed; displays confidence and exercises self-control; and is considerate, trustworthy and enthusiastic about her team and sport.
SC: A. Booth ’23

Most Valuable Player Award
SC: E. Soucy ’24
FH: A. Sullivan ’24
CC: M. Reinhardt ’24
VB: C. Wang ’23

Grinder of the Year Award
SC: T. Silvera ’24

Rookie of the Year Award
VB: B. Mathieu ’25


  • The Upper School team qualified for regionals in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association.
  • N. Forman '29 and A. Thames '24 successfully competed at Capital Challenge in the Medium Pony Hunters (Forman) and Junior Hunters (Thames).
  • S. Saarony '26 placed 10th in the Massachusetts Horsemen's Council Mini Medal Finals.
Fall 2021 Varsity Field Hockey senior

Varsity Field Hockey seniors

Fall 2021 Varsity Cross Country seniors

Varsity Cross Country seniors

Fall 2021 Varsity Volleyball senior

Varsity Volleyball seniors

IEA Team Fall 2021

IEA Team