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A Multifaceted Approach 

A Multifaceted Approach 
Nadia Visco, Athletic Trainer/11th Grade Class Dean

Dana Hall emphasizes the importance of resilience and mental toughness in both academics and athletics. Students-athletes are taught to differentiate between being hurt and being injured, learning to push through challenges and setbacks in a healthy and sustainable manner. Understanding the difference between hurt and injured can be challenging, especially for students who are young and new to sport. At Dana Hall our athletic trainers emphasize patient education to help students develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be an athlete. A look into the Dragons athletic training room would show athletic trainers teaching students about proper stretching, biomechanics, and self pain management techniques. We are giving students the tools they need to succeed, become independent in their training, and learn how to advocate for themselves when something doesn't feel right. Educating students to take good care of their bodies develops a well-rounded individual and fosters resilience and perseverance through understanding the differences between being hurt and injured. 

The importance of physical fitness and well-being is critical to athletic performance. Dana Hall offers weight training programs or fitness classes to help students improve their strength endurance and overall fitness levels. In addition to being well-rounded athletes, students engage in educational programming emphasizing the importances of a complete diet for athletes of all sports and ages. Students learn how to fuel their bodies properly and the important role that food can play in their performance, making them stronger and faster. By incorporating strength training, fitness, and nutrition education into their routines, students can enhance their athletic capabilities and reduce risk of injury. 

At Dana Hall our goal in Athletics is to develop our students into well-rounded athletes who are prepared for competition. We teach resilience, leadership, and confidence on and off the field. We believe that there is a place for every student in sport, whether that is in a competitive or recreational setting. Dana Hall takes a holistic approach to athletic development, recognizing the interconnectedness between resilience, physical fitness, and nutritional education. By fostering a supportive environment, Dana Hall prepares students to succeed in all aspects of their lives. We want them to leave Dana Hall with the skills, mindset, and experiences needed to excel academically, athletically, and personally so they are prepared for college and beyond.