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The Young Alums Are All In!

Pamela Martin, Assistant Director of Alumnae Giving

When I started my job at Dana Hall School a year ago, The Young Alumnae Challenge (YAC) was the first event I worked on, and it served as my introduction to the Dana Hall alumnae community. As an alumna from a different all-girls boarding school, I was immediately in, (because that is the theme of YAC, “we’re all in”) and excited to help inspire high participation and bring in donations for the Challenge. 

The Young Alumnae Challenge is an annual nine-day event that provides an opportunity for Dana Hall’s youngest alumnae, the Classes of 2008-2022, to come together to support their alma mater. It also encourages giving and creating the habit of supporting the School, and specifically the Dana Fund, which sustains our annual operating costs and ensures that Dana Hall can continue to provide the vigorous education that every girl deserves. 

Our 2022 YAC goal is to raise $30,000 from 300 young alumnae. I’ve learned a fun fact about Dana Hall alumnae — they are competitive! This resonates with me, as I have always welcomed a little friendly competition. The young alumnae, and all alumnae for that matter, love to compete for the highest participation percentage and highest dollars raised by class. Last year, classes called each other during the nine-day challenge, posted on social media, sent group texts and class-wide emails, all in the hopes of being the first-place class for participation and dollars raised. They made gifts and rallied their classmates right up until 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the challenge. It’s fun and friendly, and all in support of Dana Hall. 

For me, the best part of working on the YAC is hearing from alumnae firsthand. They tell me what Dana Hall means to them and why they pull together and participate in the YAC. They make it easy for me to love what I do, and an honor to promote and support this special school. 

I love the Young Alumnae Challenge because it gives me the opportunity to connect with my silver sisters who I do not get to see everyday. I get to talk to people who I have not been able to catch up with, and we are able to bond over our shared love for Dana Hall. 
I give back to Dana Hall because it gives back to me on a daily basis! The skills Dana taught me get me through each day of college, and the love my silver sisters still have for me empower me to work hard in my personal life. I want to give girls that experience, and allow them to flourish in their future careers.

India-Rose Goldberg ’21 
The Young Alumnae Challenge allows me to feel connected to my class and make a difference for future classes. I give back to Dana Hall to help ensure that students have as great an experience as I did.

Madison Altman ’16
I participate in the Young Alumnae Challenge because it’s a good way to give annually to Dana Hall. It’s important to me that the current Dana Hall students are able to access all of the experiences and tools that Dana Hall provides, and I believe giving to the school is one way to help that happen. I am grateful for all of the friendships that I made throughout my time at Dana, and I know that those experiences and connections would not have been possible without the funds collected in the Dana Fund.

Emily Martin ’16 
The Young Alumnae Challenge gives me an excuse to reconnect with my silver sisters and reminisce on what our time at Dana meant to us. It’s the greatest privilege to be able to continue that legacy afforded to us to the next generation of Dana women. I love feeling connected to my alma mater, and to be able to support the next generation of Dana women.

Emily Soukas ’09 
Dana Hall alumnae love to compete and maintain their connections to Dana Hall. This month, the Young Alumnae Challenge will provide them with an opportunity to make an immediate impact on the School’s students and programs. I’m all in, are you?