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Welcome! Dana Hall is a busy, thriving place with a lot going on, and the College Counseling Office is no exception
Our philosophy on the college process at Dana Hall is quite simple: we believe there are no best colleges, only colleges that are best for individual students. And while we encourage students to aim high, we encourage them to find schools that are good fits, whether or not they are “name brand” schools.

There are three things to know about college counseling at Dana Hall:  

  • It’s a comprehensive and thorough, soup-to-nuts, approach to the process. The College Counseling Office belongs to a group of 50 college offices from independent schools in the Boston area. I don't know of any other school that offers such a comprehensive college counseling program for juniors and seniors.
  • We advocate for each student with representatives from the colleges to which she has applied.  We are able to do this by building and maintaining working relationships with these representatives.  
  • We do our very best to minimize the anxiety and pressure that many feel throughout the process. For many students, this means meeting them where they are in the process and moving forward together with them.  
Just as a Dana Hall education is about educating the whole girl, so our approach to the college process is equally engaging and balanced. Some of it can even be fun!

Jacquie Serafino
Director of College Counseling


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    “I am very proud to be a Dana Hall graduate and a Wheaton College student. At this point in my life, there is still no greater accomplishment."
    - Claudine 13