Girls learning, leading, succeeding
The Middle School


The Dana Hall Middle School provides an atmosphere that stimulates intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. In varied learning settings, students are encouraged to master skills and form habits which prepare them to meet the demands of a college-preparatory curriculum.
The School realizes the unique needs of early adolescent girls and is sensitive to their overall development. Its program encourages students to explore and develop talents in the performing arts, athletics, leadership, and community service. It strives to develop in students self-esteem and self-confidence by recognizing individual and group accomplishments.

The School inspires individual and community conscience with emphasis on personal integrity and high standards of conduct.

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  • Testimonials - Claudine

    “I am very proud to be a Dana Hall graduate and a Wheaton College student. At this point in my life, there is still no greater accomplishment."
    - Claudine 13