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Senior Project Program

The Senior Projects program offers 12th graders the opportunity to pursue an off-campus project of their choosing during the last two and a half weeks of the school year.
Students drop all of their courses and are exempt from taking final exams. Students accepted into the program are required to work at their internship site a minimum of 30 hours per week, and each student has an off-campus mentor who serves as her guide. Students are also required to read a book related to their project and write a minimum of four weekly entries in an electronic journal. For the culminating event, Senior Project Presentations, students prepare a three to four minute oral presentation and a display highlighting their work.

Each participant will experience and reflect upon the excitement of a new and personal discovery related to an area in academics, business, medicine, science, technology, the arts, or community service. Seniors who complete Senior Projects are given increased control over their own learning as they prepares to graduate from high school, experience significant steps towards independence, demonstrate competency in a variety of ways, and demonstrate the ability to draw upon myriad resources.

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  • Area Studies Symposium

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  • Middle Eastern Studies

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  • Caroline

    "Middle Eastern Studies has been my favorite Dana Hall class because both the teacher and the discussions always kept me engaged and excited to learn more."
    -Caroline '18