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Waitlist FAQs

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Why do you have a wait list?

    We have many more qualified candidates than our resources and facilities are able to accommodate. Because it is difficult for us to predict precisely how many new students will enroll each year, the wait list enables us to select additional qualified students to fill any openings that might occur. If a candidate receives a wait-list decision, it means that the Admission Committee enjoyed reading the candidate's application and is confident that she will be competitive for admission should space become available.
  • Q. When might I hear from Admission?

    April 10 is our Candidate Reply Date, and it is unlikely a candidate will hear from us before this date. After April 10, we will have heard from our accepted students and will have a better sense of our 2017-2018 enrollment. In past years, we have gone to our wait list anywhere between April 10 and August 1.
  • Q. Is the wait list ranked?

    No. We must wait and see what the strengths and abilities of the enrolling students are before we determine the needs that might be filled through the wait list.
  • Q. How would we be contacted in the event a place becomes available?

    A member of the Admission Office will contact the candidate by phone, or if the candidate lives internationally, we will contact her by email.
  • Q. What are my next steps?

    In order to be considered for admission, wait listed candidates are asked to complete Dana Hall's Wait List Response form. If a candidate accepts admission at another school, or has other plans for next year, we still ask her to complete the Wait List Form so we can update the wait list.

    If a candidate chooses to remain on Dana Hall’s wait list, she may forward to us any additional information she would like added to her application for further consideration.

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  • Dance

    Favorite Activity
  • Poetry project

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  • Spanish III Honors

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  • Francesca

    "In my Literature Composition I class we did a poetry unit before winter break. Our poetry project was in collaboration with a school in Turkey. We created our own websites to display our works of poetry. The last day of school before winter break we were able to Skype with the kids from the school in Turkey, and it was so much fun to interact with students who were so far away. We were able to learn what their school was like, and how their classes worked."
    -Francesca '19