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Dana girls are curious, collaborative, respectful and enthusiastic. They are leaders: leaders of clubs, activities, sport teams and more. They are also aware of the many types of leadership, understanding that a supporting role is just as important as taking the lead. They know that Dana Hall is a place where they can be themselves and are encouraged to be who they want to be. See what they have to say about about their school.
My Dana Profiles

Amanda '12

Favorite Dana Class

AP Biology

The course that I took at Dana Hall that inspired me most was definitely AP Biology. I had struggled with Biology freshman year even though I enjoyed the subject. When it came time to select courses for senior year, I decided I wanted to take another crack at Biology. Over the years I had become a much more resourceful student and thought I could succeed in this difficult course. It was definitely a challenge the whole year; however, I ended with not only a love for the subject but a sense of accomplishment succeeding in something that was challenging. I had to work at it everyday, but the knowledge I gained about the world around me and the improvement I made over the year in the class made all the time worth it. At college, I am now an intended Neuroscience major.

Favorite Dana Tradition

Senior Sophomore

My favorite Dana Hall tradition is Senior Sophomore. Who doesn’t love a tradition that involves students walking around all day in silly costumes and a whole lot of candy?! I remember loving every second of walking around in my Power Ranger costume as a sophomore while people took pictures and gave me loads of candy. Not only that, but each sophomore creates a special bond with the senior who chose her costume and spoiled her with candy.

As a senior, I loved watching the ideas of my classmates turn into a fantastic day for the sophomore class. The feeling when my sophomore turned around and hugged and thanked me for everything I did for her was a great one!

Favorite Activity

Varsity Softball

My favorite activity at school is softball. I am apart of the varsity softball team at college. I played softball at Dana Hall for all 7 years I attended. I can absolutely say that the experience I had playing at Dana was what inspired me to go through the recruitment process to play in college. I had amazing coaches and teammates who pushed me to not only play my best, but to strive to be an even better player, teammate and leader every single day.

Dana Influence

The People

The people make Dana Hall the special place that it is. Many of my teachers bent over backwards to help me be successful in all aspects of Dana life. Whether it was reaching my full potential as a student, athlete, performer or leader, my teachers inspired me to love what I do and to work hard.

Not only that, but the students inspired me every single day. At Dana, every girl is unique. She has her own passions and dreams, and has something different to bring to the community. It inspired me to see how girls can be leaders in different ways and in different aspects of Dana life. You do not have to be the loudest or most talkative in class to be considered a leader at Dana. One could also be considered a leader by being head of a club, captain of a sports team, or just being passionate about an activity. Every girl is a leader in some aspect of Dana life, and I think that makes the school incredible.

Proudest Accomplishment

Part of Champion Softball Team

I would say I am most proud of being a part of Dana Hall’s two-time EIL softball champion team. Throughout my time at Dana, I got to see the softball program flourish into what it is today. I got to help bring my team to one championship, and then help lead my team to another. I was inspired by being a part of a program that fostered working hard everyday and playing together as a team. We all wanted to win the championship, but we did it one step, one practice, one game at a time. We would work on the little things in practice, and in games we would focus on one inning and one at bat at a time. We enjoyed every second of it together as a team. This common mindset was what made the team so special, and allowed us to enjoy every moment. I still look back on my years playing softball at Dana Hall with so much pride, and know that I would not be where I am today as a person and a college athlete without these experiences.


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    "You do not have to be the loudest or most talkative in class to be considered a leader at Dana."
    - Amanda '12