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Dana girls are curious, collaborative, respectful and enthusiastic. They are leaders: leaders of clubs, activities, sport teams and more. They are also aware of the many types of leadership, understanding that a supporting role is just as important as taking the lead. They know that Dana Hall is a place where they can be themselves and are encouraged to be who they want to be. See what they have to say about about their school.
My Dana Profiles

Elyanna '16

Favorite Dana Tradition

Step Sing

Step Sing is a time when every grade and every student in the entire school come together and sing their class songs. While singing the class songs (which were created by each grade), everyone is clapping and cheering so loud that you can barely even hear the songs. It is such a fun time to be able to support everyone else in the school and to be able to bond with other grades, including your own.

Favorite Dana Assignments

The Nemo Project in Western Civilization Class

For this project, we had to use the story from Finding Nemo, but make it into a tragedy. We then had to make a Powerpoint presentation using pictures with our creative story based off of the structure of an Ancient Greek tragedy and present it to the class. This is my favorite project because we took what we learned about Ancient Greece in class and used it in a fun and creative way that helped us to truly understand what a tragedy meant and was to the Greeks. This project was helpful and full of information, yet it was also fun to create and present.

Favorite Dana Class


In French class, my classmates and I have had so many fun times together, while still learning at the same time. We make class fun by playing games that are related to what we are learning and help us understand the material even more thoroughly than before. We also play games by competing for "bonbon" (candy); that gets us excited and competitive for the success of learning and mastering something new. We also watch educational videos, with people in real-life scenarios using words or a verb structure that we had just learned. This is my favorite class because we learn a lot, but we also learn in an effective and very fun way.

Favorite Dana Hall Activity


Playing lacrosse, I have had the opportunity to meet so many new people and have grown very close to them. The coaches make us work very, very hard in practice, but they always leave room for some jokes and fun. Our team is very close, and bus rides to and from away games are the times where we bond and have tons of fun together, when we are not on the field. This activity has taught me many new skills, it has gotten me conditioned and it has given me the opportunity to make great new friendships with my teammates and my coaches.

Favorite Place on Campus

The Dorms

In the dorms, I have bonded so much with my friends, who I now consider my sisters. We have gotten so close and shared so many memories with each other. Living with these girls has made my life very exciting, and I know that they will always be there for me, as I am always there for them. We are each other's family away from home, and I love these girls and the special relationships we have and share together.

Favorite Dana Hall Memory

Just Dance dorm competition

One night over the weekend, we decided to have a Just Dance competition on the Wii, with all sorts of snacks. I remember this moment as my favorite because it brought everybody in the dorm together, and we all shared laughter and created great, funny memories from that night. From then on, we would regularly play Just Dance on the Wii and create more memories from doing that same thing that brought us together from the start.

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  • The Dorms

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    “Lacrosse has taught me many new skills, it has gotten me conditioned and it has given me the opportunity to make great new friendships with my teammates and my coaches.”
    - ELYANNA '16