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Dana girls are curious, collaborative, respectful and enthusiastic. They are leaders: leaders of clubs, activities, sport teams and more. They are also aware of the many types of leadership, understanding that a supporting role is just as important as taking the lead. They know that Dana Hall is a place where they can be themselves and are encouraged to be who they want to be. See what they have to say about about their school.
My Dana Profiles

Hannah '13

Favorite Dana Class


My favorite class was calculus with Ms. Sheldon. Math was never one of my favorite or strongest subjects, but Ms. Sheldon is so passionate, engaging and encouraging - so I ended up loving the class! This class taught me to take advantage of extra help opportunities, not to shy away from classes that seem too difficult and not to sell myself short.

Favorite Dana Tradition


Being part of the history of the tradition of Midwinter and the silver sisterhood is amazing. This tradition connects Dana alumnae to each other and to Dana Hall forever.

Favorite Activity

Community Service and Sports

My two favorite activities at Dana Hall were community service and sports. I developed a passion for community service at Dana Hall, which is something I still love to do. While at Dana Hall I volunteered with a therapeutic horseback riding program, an orphanage in Kenya, Peer Ed, The Community Service Advisory Board and the Girls Summer Leadership Program.

At Colby, I am involved with a mentoring program, a support group for grieving children and assisting teachers in local elementary school classrooms and after-school programs. I am also spending my spring semester in Cape Town, South Africa where I will participate in a service learning program.

Sports were also a favorite activity of mine at Dana Hall. I was a member of the Field Hockey, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse teams. Each of these sports was a unique experience, but overall they were characterized by incredible coaches who cared about team members as more than just athletes, amazing teammates who each brought something different to the team, hard work and fun. While I do not play a varsity sport in college, I enjoy playing on intramural teams and the lessons that I learned playing sports at Dana inform my actions, attitude and decisions every day.

Proudest Accomplishment

Intern at an Outpatient Pediatric Oncology Clinic

This summer I was an intern at an outpatient pediatric oncology clinic, which was by far the most meaningful experience I have had in my life. At the clinic I worked with a Child Life Specialist to keep the patients busy and entertained with arts and crafts projects, the Wii, card games, etc., as visits to the clinic were rarely less than two hours. The most challenging aspect was to earn the trust and connect with the children and families who have had to endure one of life's toughest challenges. The work I did at this clinic was very meaningful and fulfilling.

Dana Influence

Incredibly Supportive and Caring Community

Dana Hall is an incredibly supportive and caring community. Teachers, advisors, coaches and peers encourage everyone to take risks, pursue their passions and work hard. Everyone in the community is invested in each other and is always there for one another when things go right and when things go wrong. I know how to push myself, how to lead, how to ask for help, and so much more because of the Dana Hall community.


Colby College

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  • Calculus

    Favorite Dana Class
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  • Community Service and Sports

    Favorite Activity

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  • Testimonial - Hannah

    “I know how to push myself, how to lead, how to ask for help, and so much more because of the Dana Hall community."
    - HANNAH '13