Girls learning, leading, succeeding
Dana girls are curious, collaborative, respectful and enthusiastic. They are leaders: leaders of clubs, activities, sport teams and more. They are also aware of the many types of leadership, understanding that a supporting role is just as important as taking the lead. They know that Dana Hall is a place where they can be themselves and are encouraged to be who they want to be. See what they have to say about about their school.
My Dana Profiles

Nicole '16

Favorite Dana Tradition

Senior Sophomore

I always look forward to see the creative costumes created. The seniors never fail to come up with interesting ways to dress the sophomores and have them sing chants to peers and teachers. The sophomores’ song to the seniors is always entertaining and cool to see how they changed modern songs to fit the tradition.

Favorite Dana Assignment

Sixth Grade Solar Car Races

For a large period of time my classmates and I worked with our teacher on creating personalized cars with a partner. There were different challenges along the way, but it was such a fun way to learn more about how a car is built. We were able to decorate them and finally race them as the Class of 2016. The race was a friendly competition, and my entire class was able to come together for a fun educational day.

Favorite Dana Class

Western Civilization

Although this class was a little tough for me in the beginning, I eventually learned to love the class. We are taught the material in interesting ways and the teachers incorporate different projects that make the information easier to understand.

Favorite Dana Hall Activity

Blue Key

My favorite club at Dana is Blue Key. It is such a cool way to help and show other students what a great school Dana is. I like giving my different perspective on Dana to the families I take on tours.

Favorite Place on Campus

The Sunroom in the Library

The comfy cushions and sun shinning through always cheer me up when I am having a tough day. It is my favorite spot to get some work down or catch up on a show.

Favorite Dana Hall Memory

Sixth Grade Scavenger Hunt

My partner and I ran around campus trying to beat the other groups, and we ended up finishing in third place! The activity was such a nice way to learn my way around the school and get to know other girls in my grade.

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  • Blue Key

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  • Solar Car Races

    Favorite Assignment
  • Western Civilization

    Favorite Dana Class

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    "In Western Civilization, we learn the material in interesting ways and the teachers incorporate different projects that make the information easier to understand."
    -Nicole '16