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Athletics Philosophy

Dana Hall's athletic program is an integral part of the school's curriculum, and, as such, it provides opportunities for instruction, participation and growth.
The athletic program strives to promote healthy competition and to embody the highest ideals of sportsmanship and respect. Students are encouraged to strive to compete at the highest level their ability and performance will allow. Accordingly, Dana Hall provides appropriate levels of competition for each athlete.

As a community, Dana Hall meets the challenges of this athletic philosophy through the cultivation of the following values:

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  • A commitment to achieving individual and team goals

  • A commitment to diligent preparation, fair play and self-discipline

  • A commitment to exercise and competition, which contributes to the development of an athlete's mental, emotional and physical well being

  • A commitment to age- and skill-appropriate coaching and competition at every level.

Varsity Teams

The varsity level is an advanced level of play: students should start the season in proper condition, have the appropriate fundamental skills, and know basic strategies and all rules. Dana Hall's goal at this level is to field the strongest, most competitive team. (Players may not play in every game at this level.) This level provides an opportunity for players to play at a collegiate level after Dana Hall.

Junior Varsity and Junior Varsity II Teams

The junior varsity level stresses learning and refining fundamental skills, game strategies, game knowledge and rules. The junior varsity teams are a building block for the varsity teams. Participation is the hallmark of the junior varsity level. At this level, it is anticipated that all team members will play in every game.

Middle School Teams

Every Middle School student is provided an opportunity to play on a team. The Middle School has a no-cut policy. The emphasis at this level is on instruction, development, teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship. Participation is a key component for Middle School teams. At this level, it is anticipated that all team members will play in every game. When there are large numbers of students participating in a sport, there may be multiple teams based on ability level. With the Athletic Director's approval, eighth-grade students who are exceptionally proficient in a sport may try out for an Upper School team.

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    "In Western Civilization, we learn the material in interesting ways and the teachers incorporate different projects that make the information easier to understand."
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